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  1. When we were on NS and did the 3 back to back to back cruises, cups for the Freestyle machine were not sold for the 7 day new years cruise because of problems that developed that involved programming the chip in the cups. For those of us that had them from the previous 7 day Christmas and 4 night Bahamas cruise prior to that, we could continue to use them when the New Years cruise started but when they expired due to the problem that was it. I know as a result of this I had some extra days that I know I shouldn't have had. Obviously your CD found out he was wrong and hopefully found out that what you told him was right. People in Seattle dont always know everything about what is really going on, on board the ships. Yes NS also has the Coke Freestyle but for some reason only has one machine vs two on Koningsdam.
  2. I think we have all had nerving responses by others here on CC so that would be nothing new and at times threads have gone completely off topic. So sounds like you were able to get the unlimited soda on the Koningsdam this past February for yourself. Good to hear. Mom and I were on the Nieuw Statendam last December 19, 2018 -January 6, 2019 and I was able to get the unlimited soda including the cup for the Coke Freestyle machine for myself. From what I have seen on the HAL website for this unlimited soda package it says that the cup is included only on the Konignsdam which is wrong as Nieuw Statendam also offers the Coke freestyle machine as I had it for the Holidays a year ago. This is were I found also that all guests booked in the same stateroom has to purchase it. I will be questioning this when we board NS again for the Holidays next month. If this is now the case I wont be getting it anymore and I will survive without it as we will also have the signature beverage package anyways as it was included with our booking. Just will not be able to make my grape Sprite.
  3. Unless something has changed may want to check the fine print as there are Coke freestyle machines on the Koningsdam and Nieuw Statendam and the cups are issued to use with the machines. Then yes a sticker is also put on your ship ID card so that people can get a drink at a bar or somewhere else without having the cup. Thing is, there is more to pick from to make using the freestyle machine (my favorite is grape sprite) but have to have the cup to use it because of the chip that is in it to activate it to use. I have purchased a cup on both ships when we have been on them. When the Koningsdam entered service the cup for the machine was $7 per day. If only one person in the cabin wanted one this could be done. Since then looks like the cost has gone up to $9 per day and now looks like if one person in the cabin wants it so does at least the 2nd person. $9 a day for unlimited soda is a lot to spend as that's a lot of soda. Because of this looks like when we sail next month it will be no more cup for the coke freestyle machine on Nieuw Statendam for me. As it is I already have 4 of them here at home. Info leading me to mention the change regarding the cups also comes from what I have seen on the HAL website so obviously this is a change since we last cruised as I was able to get one for myself but mom didn't have to.
  4. Thank you. Yes returning to the Rotterdam to cruise after our bad trip was going to do just that. We have been cruising with HAL going on 32 years and during that time we have also gradually shifted to cruising on the newer ships too including 5 maiden voyages. We were on Nieuw Statendam for the holidays last year and also the 4 night bahamas cruise after she 1st came into Port Everglades. We will be on her again this year coming up. We had two cruises booked for this month in which we were going to do one or the other but ended up canceling both of them. We have been on all the HAL ships currently in the fleet at least once. We never did cruise on the Princendam though. Look at my signature and that will say we are very loyal to HAL. Heck I have done way more in my life at my age because of all the cruising we have done than so many people get to do in a lifetime and our cruising is way more than just to the Caribbean.
  5. I never said anything about our decision to avoid cruising with HAL. What I said when I first mentioned our situation involving the Rotterdam is that we are just not cruising on the Rotterdam any more. Go back and read post #26 in this thread when I first mentioned it. We still cruise with HAL and that never changed. We just cruise on the other ships. We will be on for the Holidays in December which will be our 32nd year in a row at sea for the holidays. We started with the old Nieuw Amsterdam back in 1988 and have done it every year ever since.
  6. Believe what you want but the problems we had back on the Rotterdam 04 - 05 holiday cruise which was 2 weeks really did happen. We were there so we know. If our same friend was still with us she would back me up. There SERIOUSLY was a problem with the kids on board with their parents. I am not exaggerating. It was just a lot of bad luck. Nobody wanted to see everything that happened. The first of two medical emergencies caused a 5 hour delay in leaving from Half Moon Cay on the 1st day. The 2nd caused a early arrival to Key West on our last day and that was only the beginning of the problems we had being at Key West. People made the choice to not get along in the Crows Nest on New Years night and fought leading to one going off the ship at our net port. Then the dive incident. Some things happened that were unfortunate. Other things happened where people made bad choices.
  7. That's for sure. Certainly don't like the profile change when the work on the stern was done. Makes her look so ugly in the back. As the ships get older they tend to have more problems.
  8. I highly doubt that the passenger who lost their life was being held down and made to drink. The day this all happened we were at Grand Cayman with another HAL ship and it was a joint tour between the two ships. So there were passengers from both ships together. Was the certified dive that was available to book through HAL. I had been told that I would have known this person by the bar staff after I had found out that it had happened. When the group was coming back to shore on the dive boat they were working to revive the person involved but unfortunately didn't make it. That's when I learned that when it comes to diving that a person should not be drinking prior to the dive. For how may hours before I am not sure and I don't think the amount matters as the consequences can be the same if its just one or a lot. This person obviously made the choice to drink the night before and didn't admit to it before doing the dive. So no HAL would not be at fault and just sharing what had happened. In regards to the other significant problems we had will only take the time to say that there was a very severe problem with families on board with their kids. They were so out of control and the parents didn't care. I was falsely identified in a situation and the officers that wanted to talk to me and when I told them what I had to say as it related realized that they had made a terrible mistake. When our friend backed me up with the non parenting comment she also backed it up that she was a teacher. This shut them up real quick!!! Our friend was my witness because I was with her at the time of whatever it was I was falsely identified for. Now its in the fine print of the cruise contract that passengers can be put off a ship during a cruise for unruly behavior and from that point people are on their own to get back home. Every once in a while I find stories of this sort of thing happening.
  9. All interesting reading. We last cruised on the Rotterdam for her 04 - 05 holiday cruise and we were so hurt and disgusted with everything that happened including me being falsely identified in a situation we made the decision to not cruise on the Rotterdam any more. It was so bad that we were actually told by one of the officers when they were trying to make up for our situation that they couldn't wait to get the ship back to Port Everglades to get everyone off to start over with the next cruise. A very good friend of ours was with us and had her own complaints regarding things she witnessed and in my defense told a couple of the officers that at that time it was the 3rd generation of non parenting knowing that they might have kids and the problems during the cruise. There were just so many negative things that happened during that cruise that also included 2 medical emergencies, fight in the crows nest on new years night that involved at least on passenger being put off the ship in our next port and someone else that died while diving at Grand Cayman who I have been told was drinking the night before which is a big no no prior to doing a dive. Till this day we still have not been back on the Rotterdam to cruise as there are plenty of other HAL ships to cruise on and we typically stay with the newer ships.
  10. Oh thanks for the info. I didn't know there was one but then again i haven't looked. Mom and I were on N.S. for 18 days Last Christmas & New years and also the 4 night ahead of the Christmas cruise. Haven't cruise since as the 2 that we had booked for this month were both canceled as we were going to do one or the other.
  11. Yeah I'm sure this could be what caused the change and as it is the cost of this has gone up at least $2 per day since it first came out on the Koningsdam. It gets to the point that its a lot of Soda per day to consume to make it worth it and a lot of what isn't good for us to begin with.
  12. Wow was this nice to read. I sent letter of complaint after our 04-05 holiday cruise on the Rotterdam because of quite a few problems we had and I certainly did not get a response like this. The experience we had was so bad that at that point we just decided not to cruise on the Rotterdam any more and since then we have stuck to this. I have already noticed one change that I am certainly not happy with since our last cruise and it involves the unlimited Coke Freestyle machines that are on the Koningsdam and Nieuw Statendam. It now looks like when one person in a cabin wants to get it others in the same cabin now also have to. So its like other drink packages. Up till when we were on the Nieuw Statendam over the Holidays last year I could get the unlimited Cup for the Coke Freestyle machine as I do like to have some and make some of the different flavors. They are making very difficult for people to get these type of packages when maybe one person wants to get on package and another person in the cabin wants to get a different one. We will be back on the Nieuw Statendam in December for the Holidays again and looks like I wont be able to do my unlimited Cup for the machine as I have seen on line that this can be purchased ahead of time but says that everyone in the cabin has to get it. For us this just doesn't work so no more.
  13. Hi. When this happened as while we were dead in the water the waves were coming at us from different directions. I watched a lot of it from the Crows Nest ( I have some good video and pictures) till it got dark and eventually went back to our cabin where my mom was when this happened. I was walking down the hallway with my hands up a bit so that I could protect myself when we would take a roll. In all the years we have been cruising those were the biggest waves I have ever seen till this day. I had heard that we went as far over as 28 degrees and did so multiple times. Don't know if this was true but we were gong over side to side far enough that while I was in the Crows Nest when looking to one side we could only see sky and the other only water. We were also on the Rotterdam for the holidays 04-05 but after the problems that took place we just said that we are not cruising on the Rotterdam any more and till this day we haven't.
  14. My mom and I were also on this Trans Atlantic back in 04 and no it was not fun. We were trying to go around Karl and I remember our Captain during the 1pm update warning us that it would get worse but by that evening would start to improve. Didn't work out that way when Karl decided to start falling apart and despite that we were close enough to get the big and I mean big waves from it. Oh well. As much as people tried to say what they did Captain Fred and staff told us more than once we were not in any danger and kept us updated regularly during that hair raising event.
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