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  1. Thank You so much....Very helpful
  2. One more question,,,if glass is over $20.00, do they charge you just the difference?
  3. Hi Everybody, Would anyone have a list of the wines offered with the Cheers Beverage Package. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi Everyone, Hope everyone is safe and healthy. Does anyone know which Princess Ships will be the first to sail once they restart? I doubt all ships will start sailing at the beginning. Thanks
  5. Thank You so much for sharing! Have a Great Cruise!!!!
  6. Hi! I will need advise from you experts out there. I booked a Hawaiin Cruise on the Grand Princess in November 2019. I am just so undecided whether to go for it or look for another destination. Need to know if it is cold ( what is cold) out of San Francisco and back to San Francisco in November. It is an older ship. Will I be bored on sea days .Will there be people my age ( late 50's)? Once in Hawaii, it will be fantastic but it's getting there that I an not sure of. Need to know all your pros and cons!! Thanks
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