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  1. I have a non-working sabbatical next year of 8 weeks. 2 of those weeks will be with my gf and/or kids on a beach somewhere. Because of commitments my gf and kids will not be able to take extended time off with me. I am considering a short solo cruise (3-5 days). I am a pretty quiet guy and like alone time but worry I will be bored or feel awkward at dinners trying to make conversation with strangers. Outgoing people (and a few drinks) do bring me out of my shell. I would enjoy meeting new people and hanging out a bit and not be by myself 24/7. Any advice or tips from others especially those with quiet/reserved personalities? It sounds like maybe NCL has program for solo cruisers.
  2. I have a non-working sabbatical next year (8 weeks off). I'm planning on a couple weeks with my kids and girlfriend on a beach somewhere. My kids and gf cannot take much more time off. I will have 5-6 weeks to find things to occupy my time. I am considering a short cruise alone (3-5 nights). I first considered a repositioning cruise but I don't want to be gone and no contact with kids and gf that long. Has anyone cruised solo? What has been your experience? Aren't cabins based on double occupancy so I will be basically paying double rate or are there rooms for single occupancy? One cruise, I was seated at breakfast with an older lady who was by herself and remember seeing her by herself at other meals. Can you request to be at dinner table with other solo cruisers or with same group each night? Any other tips?
  3. I am a CPA and definitely not an entertainer lol. Maybe I will do a transatlantic 2 week cruise instead by myself. Aren't those rather affordable?
  4. Thanks Maggie - that is a lot to think about and didn't cross my mind before. Much appreciated.
  5. 10 is max. My daughter is iffy as she will have lots going on next summer. My gf's daughter will be 18 but not until end of June. So there has to be an adult per cabin? Our tentative arrangements are: Me and gf in balcony My son and friend in interior Her two daughters plus 2 friends in interior My daughter and friend in interior. That's 4 rooms and only 2 adults and one almost adult.
  6. I figured it would be a shot in the dark but maybe they could find me something they didn't have to train me on. I could just walk the pool deck picking up trash and dirty cups and dishes.
  7. I have a 8 week sabbatical next summer. While I have maybe 2 weeks spoken for with a vacation, I need to fill the other 6 weeks and had an outside the box thought of finding an interesting job. A - would a cruise line hire someone for 6 weeks? I really don't care about the pay rate. I would like to be on a ship and not working at the port. B - Any insights on going about this?
  8. Thank you! There's no fee for changing? If I understand you, I could just put in "Jane Doe" until things are definite.
  9. My girlfriend and I are planning on booking a RC cruise next June with our teen kids (2 kids each, 4 total) and are allowing them to bring a friend. There's lots of logistics to work out but do we have to know the friends' names at time of booking? We are hoping to book by the end of the year. Also what if a friend backs out? Will RC allow us to change to a new friend?
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