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  1. Used the parking spot a few times https://www.theparkingspot.com/locations/orlando/mco/the-parking-spot.
  2. It makes no difference, whatever side you pick it will be the wrong side.
  3. You'll can help here http://www.votervoice.net/Shares/BGTxVArDBCtNUAzA_7X7FAA
  4. I agree as I also did not did not get benefits till the next cruise. It depends on the ship/LA.
  5. Thanks, do you think 2 people traveling together can share the same device?
  6. All ships do not have interactive TV's, does anyone know if they going to refit all ships with them?
  7. Did a Lift & Shift on RCI's webside & got this email. However 72 hours have past and have heard nothing. What's next? Your Lift and Shift request has been received for Booking ID: 'xxxxxxx No additional action is needed on your part! No need to call our contact centers, we've got you covered! After reviewing the sailing preferences you've selected, we will Lift and Shift your current reservation and send a confirmation of the new sailing details within 72 hours. Please note, Taxes & Fees will be adjusted to reflect the amount associated with the new Lift & Shift sailing. Taxes & Fees from the original sailing will not be protected. We look forward to welcoming you onboard in the near future! Thank you for your support and loyalty.
  8. Put me in the group that likes Nassau.
  9. Hey no need for name calling. I'm just looking at all the possibilities
  10. If you can convert it one way you could convert it back.😌
  11. Agreed, but these ships were originally converted supertankers so why can't you convert a cruise ship.
  12. So you don't think the US Navy Hospital Mercy-class ships can provide appropriate medical care?
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