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  1. We're looking at booking a Greek isles/Adriatic tour for next year but know very little about the area or ports. For those of you who might be familiar with these areas, could you please share your thoughts and insights about the following itinerary: Day 1- Athens Day 2- Mykonos, Greece Day 3- Chania, Crete Day 4- Zakynthos, Greece Day 5- At Sea Day 6- Kotor, Montenegro Day 7- Split, Croatia Day 8- Ravenna, Italy Thanks for your help!!!
  2. For anyone that has recently done the 7-day Navigator itinerary, have they done a laundry special midway through the cruise?? Thanks.
  3. Wondering about ship time vs. local time on the Mexican Riviera itinerary for Navigator of the Seas. The ship leaves Los Angeles (Pacific Standard Time) and goes to Cabo San Lucas (Mountain Standard Time), then Mazatlan (Mountain Standard Time) and then Puerto Vallarta (Central Standard Time). Does the ship time change every time the local time changes, or do they leave ship time the same even though it may be different than the local time in the ports??
  4. Thanks. That information is helpful. For those of us doing excursions not booked with "RCCL", what do you recommend for getting the lowest tender number possible??
  5. When Royal Caribbean makes a stop in Cabo San Lucas, do they use their own boats to tender in, or do they contract with a local third party for the tenders?
  6. We have an upcoming cruise on Navigator of the Seas. Our cabin is a Promenade view room and from what I can tell, its looks like its right over the Bamboo Room on the Promenade. Is the Bamboo Room a noisy venue? Are we likely to get noise from it in our cabin??
  7. Are the doors on Navigator of the Seas metal? Just wondering if magnets will stick on them.
  8. Our family is going on Navigator of the Seas over Christmas. There are 8 of us in 4 cabins. Cabins are all interior promenade. One of the cabins received an email offering the opportunity to bid for an upgrade. The others did not. Any idea why the offer would be made to only one and not the others? Also, if a bid is made for an upgrade, how soon do you find out if your bid is accepted? Is it soon after the bid is made, or is it a day or two before the cruise? For those that have experience with the bidding process, do you normally have to bid quite a bit above the minimum bid for it to be accepted?
  9. Our on-line check in window opens up in a few days for our Christmas cruise. For passport and vaccination information, will we need to upload pictures of our passport and vaccine card, or just enter information from them? Thanks!
  10. Thanks! Help me understand "check-in time" vs. "boarding time".
  11. It's been quite a few years since we've sailed with RCCL. We have a family cruise scheduled over Christmas. How soon will we be able to do the on-line check-in? Will we be assigned a boarding time during that on-line check-in? Anything in particular we need to do if we want to be able to board as early as possible? Thanks for your help!
  12. We haven't been on Royal Caribbean for awhile and have a cruise scheduled over Christmas on Navigator . We like the flexibility that comes with "My Time Dining", but someone mentioned that with the "My Time Dining", the earliest that you can go to dinner is around 7:00. They said that the only way to have an earlier dining time is to have the traditional dining with the early (5:15) timeslot. Is that true? Although we like the flexibility that "My Time Dining" offers, there days that we like to go to an early dinner.
  13. If you get Covid and have to move to a different cabin to quarantine/isolate, does your spouse/travel partner also have to move cabins and quarantine since they are a close contact and have been exposed? Or can they stay in their original cabin if they test negative?
  14. With Princess, can on-board-credit be used for the daily gratuities?? Thanks.
  15. I've read that Princess allows us to take a case of water and/or soda with us when we board. If we take water, can it be bottled water, or does it need to be in cans? I know that some cruise lines don't allow bottled water and have gone to offering only cans.
  16. We're on the Discovery out of Seattle on August 7th. Tonight, we received an email from Princess confirming that our stop in Skagway has been replaced by a stop in Sitka. Not surprised, but disappointed. We were holding out hope that something would be arranged that would still allow us to make the stop in Skagway. I am glad, however, that they notified us of the change now rather than waiting until we're on the ship.
  17. Can anyone who has been on the Discovery to Alaska recently tell me what the nightly entertainment was each evening in the main theater?
  18. We're cruising Alaska in a few weeks and will have a stop in Victoria on our way back to Seattle. Our time in Victoria is quite short and in the evening (scheduled port time is 7:00 p.m. to midnight). Even though time will be short, we'd like to taxi up to Butchart Gardens and spend an hour or two there. From what I've heard, it sounds like it won't be difficult to get a taxi to take us there. What I'm wondering, however, is if taxi's will be readily available late in the evening (10:00 to 10:30ish) to get a ride back to the cruise port in Victoria. I'd appreciate information from anyone with experience or information on this. Thanks!
  19. Can anyone tell me if there are USB ports in the cabins on Navigator of the Seas? If so, where are they? Are there any on the nightstands?
  20. We ordered the covid tests through Optum as recommended by Princess. The covid tests arrived in the mail, but we're a little confused becasue there aren't many instructions. It looks like the tests are proctored by eMed. but there aren't really any instructions provided. For those that have done these tests thorugh eMed, can you explain the process? Do we need to make an appointment in advance, or do we just log on to the eMed websiste whenever we're ready to test? We did some similar tests in May for a cruise on Norwegian, but with that test proctor, we had to make an appointment in advance for a specific date and time.
  21. We're taking our family on a cruise over Christmas this year. We'll be on Navigator of the Seas. For those of you who have experienced Christmas on Royal Caribbean, can you tell me if they do anything special for Christmas (i.e. activities, deocrations, food, entertainment etc.)? Thanks!
  22. "Best Western Plus San Pedro" is often used to overnight for cruises leaving from the Port of Los Angeles. Does anyone know if it's still in business? When you go to the Best Western web-site, it just says "the hotel you searched for is no longer available". If you try to call the direct phone number to the hotel, it just rings and rings. Nobdoy ever picks up the call. We have reservations there in December the night before our Christmas cruise. I'm thinking I may need to be looking for other arrangements. (We just made the reservation about a month ago.)
  23. Will Princess allow me to bring a case of water or soda on board with me? I know that some cruise lines allow it, and others don't.
  24. Do you know if NCL arranged his flight home (since he had booked his air through NCL), or did he have to make his own arrangements?
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