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  1. Is a speed test of .47 Mb-s normal for Voom??? Half the time is doesn't work. We have spoken to the internet person.All she wants us to do is upgrade. Nothing is the ships fault. Her sign says the fastest ship internet on the Seas. What is your experience?? Thanks!!!
  2. Mack44, I got a reply that we should go to DAKOUTROS BROS he said it was close to the cable car. We plan to take the 10:00 boat.
  3. Great! Hope to get a reply from the speed boat and do that in Santorini! Thanks for the information!
  4. Great info Mack44. Are u on the Vision? We will be in Santorini the same day:). I have emailed them for more info and how to register. You can contact me at mshodgson59 at gmail.com. Thanks for your information!!
  5. Asked on the ports link, but didn't get an answer. Wondering if the water ferry to Oia(sp?) Is running this time of year? Read somewhere that they had quit??? We will be there the week of May 14. Next week.
  6. We will be there the week of May 14. Wanting to do the ferry water taxis to Oia sp read somewhere it is not offered anymore.... Does anyone know? Also if it will be running that week?
  7. Heard it was a very nice thing to do. Then heard it might not be running. Information please. Thanks
  8. I thought I had read the same thing. Carnival loses if they do not allow exceptions. Probably many couples in the same situations.
  9. Ok that is a shame CARNIVAL. RCCL will allow it in certain situations. No one else needs to reply Thanks
  10. Was just wondering and also if you can still bring on a box of diet drinks? Also can you get sliced lemons or limes? if so where do you find them? Thanks
  11. Way easier to check with Carnival Fare viewer that they took away and uninstalled. Not happy about that at all...:mad:
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