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  1. Bump - checking to see if anyone may have some interest!
  2. Update. Spoke to an agent over the phone who offered to change our booking to a future sailing. I haven't decided whether to do that or not. Any recommendations on any other itineraries? I saw some new itineraries out of Puerto Rico and Europe, thoughts?
  3. I am planning on doing that later today. I'll post an update should something change.
  4. Good point. Either way, the bar tab is $300 and the OB credit is $900.
  5. That's our best and final. We decided we're going to go if we cant breakeven. Figured the OB credit/bar tab would be enticing to a last minute cruiser. Ship is Valiant Lady - 12/10 sailing "Western Caribbean Charm".
  6. Thanks for your input. We have a travel agent and I let her know of our intentions and to reach out to anyone that may be interested. I'll look into the social media groups.
  7. For those reading, if there is any interest. It's the 12/10 6 nights Western Caribbean sailing out of Miami. Total paid: $3100 for a Sea Terrance. Reservation has $900 in OB credit and $300 bar tab.
  8. Hello, New here. I may need to cancel my cruise that's two weeks out on VV. I read that 45-0 days you cannot cancel for a refund but can transfer the reservation to someone else. Has anyone done this? If so, can I sell my reservation to someone and just call and transfer it over?
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