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  1. Haha... I worked many many long hours for this.. a special (big) birthday treat to myself. Very fortunate and excited.
  2. Oh that’s good. Fingers crossed, lol, and thanks for letting me know. If I’m lucky I will have him for both weeks of my B2B! Awesome.
  3. What a super informative review, Thank you! Am hoping Lezle will be there in October? Did he mention when he goes on vacation? He was my butler this past May and was indeed great, so hoping I get lucky and have him again. The Ninja I think was Anna? What suite # were you? Thanks again for refreshing my prior memories. Am counting the days until I’m back on her again. 🙂
  4. Rick. I don’t think I have laughed out loud so much after I saw your periscope last night and you went skipping after that lady.... you are soooo sooo fun! Just hilarious Am considering birthday cruise as I usually go solo so would be gr8 to see a “familiar” face to join you on your partying antics. Loved it! Keep on going...such brilliant entertainment! Haha.:cool::')
  5. Best imho are : Coconut Mojito - Boleros.... Amazing! Mango Mojito - Champagne bar and Central Park bar
  6. Looking forward to your review Laurie. Have a wonderful time. I’m on her 7th! :cool:
  7. It’s the best ever!!! 👍 great memories of a wonderful experience with my Mother and a dear Genie who made our holiday perfect..... I probs won’t get such an experience again, but ya never know! Lol
  8. Just wondering which Genies will be onboard for sailing in 2wks on 10/7/18 I heard 1 or 2 may be going on vacation around that time so curious who is replacing them....? Anyone know? Thanks so much
  9. J Not always, as I just did the math for my upcoming Oasis cruise in 2weeks: fingers crossed the onboard price doesn’t increase from this past week.........but it’s a gamble isn’t it...eeeek Onboard $63x7+18%=$520.38-30% $364.27 $52/day Prebook $45x7+18%=$371.70 $53.10/day
  10. Have a great week! Can you let me know price of Deluxe drink package onboard right now. Trying to figure out if any cost savings pre-pay online $48/day versus buying onboard with D+ 30% discount. Thanks so much
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