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  1. After reading the great review from Rattanchair, with Vishnu, I’m sure many of us are drooling for that superb experience you enjoyed. Is anyone willing to share names of the other good or even bad Butlers on MSC Seaside ? Please... Always nice to have a heads up early, so that you don’t waste time asking for a new one and the likely hassle and/challenges that could present.🥴 An engaged and personable friendly Butler is such a treat and can seriously make such a positive impact on your entire cruise, that will always be remembered, so am hoping to have the same wonderful service that Rat
  2. Haha... I worked many many long hours for this.. a special (big) birthday treat to myself. Very fortunate and excited.
  3. Oh that’s good. Fingers crossed, lol, and thanks for letting me know. If I’m lucky I will have him for both weeks of my B2B! Awesome.
  4. What a super informative review, Thank you! Am hoping Lezle will be there in October? Did he mention when he goes on vacation? He was my butler this past May and was indeed great, so hoping I get lucky and have him again. The Ninja I think was Anna? What suite # were you? Thanks again for refreshing my prior memories. Am counting the days until I’m back on her again. 🙂
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