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  1. We just put our multi-tools in our checked luggage... no issues then ... but yes I can tell you first hand that they will take it from you at security if you forget and put it in your carry-on and the TSA Screener is awake enough to catch it!
  2. Thank you for reading the humor into it! I figured it the question could be considered silly from more than one perspective so I just through it out there. It's all about having fun! It is great to hear that the game will probably be available. It is always fun to watch these sorts of events with a more international crowd. We caught it once on a Panama Canal cruise and it was quite interesting to watch with Germans, French and Asians... they laughed at the commercials a lot more than I did... but it was lots of fun.
  3. Yes I can certainly see how those things about the game would annoy me more (they already do in some cases) if I had other options! I have watched your game and find it to be lots of fun! Thanks for the great insight! I am sure it will be fun to watch with an international crowd!
  4. Good day! Some of us Americans are fans of the National Football League. We love our Football! Well, there is an annual event known as the "Super Bowl" scheduled to be played on February 2nd, 2020 in Miami Florida. I know that would be played on 2/4 by your calendar down under... We have been at sea for SUper Bowl games before and it was always televised in one of the theaters or at MUTS on the Princess ships we were on... It occurred to me that those ships all sailed out of American ports so the passengers were more American than global tourist by demographic... so probably more interested passengers on those manifests... So I wondered if the Super Bowl is popular Down Under? Should we expect it to be televised on the Sea Princess or should I be looking for a way to stream it? My Princess Travel Planner had absolutely no information for me on this topic... Obviously we will have a glorious day at Sea regardless of viewing the Super Bowl... but I am curious... Thanks for your opinions and information! Joni
  5. Last summer, here in Alaska, we had approximately 1.4 million acres consumed by fires. Even though the largest of the fires was nearly 2 hours drive from me, there were very smokey days and there were also very clear days... it all depended on weather movement and winds... and it could change in a very short time! I just wanted to see how things were now and I will continue to watch as we get closer. We are ok with monsoon rain and know it is a blessing when it comes in hot dry summers so I hope you get a nice long wet streak before we get there! Thanks everybody!
  6. Greetings from dark and snowy Alaska! DH and I will be arriving in Brisbane on January 26th to explore for a week before boarding the Sea Princess for NZ. I was beginning to plan our day trip activities for that pre-cruise week and thought I should be taking the impacts of the current wildfires into consideration. Can someone tell me what it is like in the Brisbane area right now? Thank you!
  7. Yeah - I have lived in parts of the US where that is typical summer... I am hoping for highs in the 80s F when we are there in February? Might be a bit wishful?
  8. Sea Princess - 14 day New Zealand out of Brisbane and then 7 Day out of Brisbane where we will focus on the Great Barrier Reef trips...... We fly out of Frigid Anchorage Alaska in 36 days and 10 hours... not that I am counting! LOL!
  9. It took me less than 10 minutes to do both my application online and my husband's and we had our approvals in less than 15 minutes. Completely painless. Joni
  10. Don, I couldn't have said it better! I am pretty excited about that special day. I always get a case of the "last day blues" when we pull out the suitcase and start packing... I will be celebrating a lazy morning on this "last day"! Cheers to you too! Joni
  11. I now have that note in my planner! Thank you!
  12. Thank you! It sounds like we will have 3 sea days before we have that turn-around so an Uber into the city for a few odds and ends and to stretch our legs will probably be in order!
  13. Sea Princess sailing out of Brisbane Feb 2-16 New Zealand and Feb 16-23 Australia... We are very excited except for the airfare and schedules from LAX... We are coming from our home in rural Alaska so we figured we want to see everything we can because we probably won't make it Down Under again! I logged in to do a price check on the Princess site last night and found all balcony cabins sold out on the first cruise. I'm thankful I was able to select the same cabin for both sailings when I booked a couple months ago!
  14. I can clearly see from the website https://www.etanewzealand.com/ that I need an eTA for my February 2020 New Zealand cruise departing from Brisbane. That website also says that the application program will be ready to roll in July 2019. Today is the last day of July and there still doe snot appear to be any active form available on that website no matter how much I click around. Am I missing something? I got our Australian eTA quick and easy but I am reluctant to buy air tickets etc until I have that New Zealand eTA in hand! Has anybody else found a live eTA site for New Zealand yet? Thanks!
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