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  1. That is one gorgeous looking resort! We have some sights we want to see in the Brisbane area but I may still keep this in mind for post-cruise! Thanks for the new bookmark!
  2. Hey fellow Cruisers! We will be flying into Brisbane 4 days ahead of our down under cruise adventure and I am looking for suggestions for good, clean, safe, walkable hotel locations. We enjoy nice hotels with nearby good local dining and entertainment options. We are coming in February to specifically get out of our Alaskan winter to a warm location so we want to spend our time enjoying the warm sunny weather and seeing the local sights... I have been doing some shopping online and I have to confess that I am impressed with the affordability of what we are finding in Brisbane compared to similar hotels in the US! Should we go for "City Center" or the Waterfront? I see some beautiful beachfront accommodations too! Is Uber or some other transportation "App" available in Brisbane? Please share your experience and recommendations! Curious in Alaska
  3. Yes my info was from the same site but a different page of it. US requirements... and it lists the Passport photo as Optional. I signed up for that email notification as well. We are sailing out of Brisbane so I already have our Australian eTA approval. They only took about 15 minutes to receive by email after I submitted the online form. There was a bunch of info off our Passport required but it was easy and fast! No photo required for that one at all. I hope the NZ eTA follows the same model. If so it will be a quick effort. Fingers crossed here!
  4. Imagine that! It appears there are some inconsistencies between the different Immigration Department website sections. I guess we will have to wait and see what rolls out in July! Very interesting. Thank you for that link!
  5. Thank you all for the feedback - I have to admit that through our past cruises, when packing on the last day, I always wish it didn't have to end "so soon" no matter how long the cruise is! I am already very excited to NOT be in the lounge waiting for my "color to be called" to disembark and join the "bag drag parade" on day 14! It doesn't take much to tickle this cruiser! I called our assigned Princess Travel Planner for this reservation (first time for that - I normally just book it online for myself) and she assured me that we would not be moved without a verbal approval from one of us. The only way we would do that is if it was a nice upgrade. It is our 11th Princess cruise but our first one on a smaller, older ship. I have been reading very nixed reviews about the Sea Princess but we always have a good time no matter the ship. We believe it is all what you make of it! Smooth sailing fellow Cruisers and thanks again!
  6. Yes of course I know the thing to do is just do as they tell you but it is nice to know what to expect in advance so you can use your time optimally. No matter how it turns out we will have fun because it is February and we will be in the warm sunshine instead of the dark and icy! Thanks for the comments. I thin kI have a much better idea what to expect now!
  7. The NZ ETA is not the same as a full Visa and according to the write up on the ETA Website, they do not require a photo. You will receive your ETA in email and can print it to bring along with your Passport to board the plane and eventually the ship. It all rolls out in July and you will even be able to apply by smart phone which, I read, will be cheaper than applying online or hard paper. I am keeping in mind the eTA program has not officially deployed in New Zealand yet so things can change but that is what the website says today. Happy Sailing!
  8. Ok you long term cruisers - Please help me? I need to learn about the back to back experience. We have been cruising regularly for 15 years but we have never done a back to back trip. We are very excited to have just booked a B2B Down Under for 21 days total in 2020!! I was careful to book the same cabin for both cruises and I was wondering if we will have to settle our account and start fresh for the second cruise and will we have to go through the whole Embarkation again to get new key cards, photos etc? Tell me about "turn around day" all you long cruise lovers! Thanks from Alaska!
  9. Actually this is not true any longer if you are traveling to New Zealand after October 2019. Check out this website for details. https://www.etanewzealand.com/ My hubby and I are doing a back2back out of Brisbane in February 2020. The first 14 days is New Zealand and the next 7 days is all Australia... Great Barrier Reef ports. We have to get both ETAs but We already got the Australian one for $20 or something like that... in just a few moments online it was approved. We will be getting our New Zealand ETA application filed in July as soon as it is available. I hope this adds clarification.
  10. Thank you! That's exactly what I wanted to know. It does look a bit crowded but we can probably make due!
  11. Views from the room are compromised by the beam, but when you go out on the balcony it has two areas basically. The covered section is first, then the beam, then a small section in the sun front and center on the rail. It holds two chairs for sunset drinks, but not much more. Majority of the space is in the covered area behind the beam. You still get the sound of the wake to lull you to sleep. I know I found some pictures of it online when I booked it. I’ll look and update if I find them again. Thank you! There is only the 2 of us and I am the sunbather of the 2... maybe I can still make due in that small front uncovered space. (yn) We wanted it more for enjoying the sound of the wake as we go to sleep at night, room service sunset dinners, enjoying the wake departures etc... We never invite anyone to join us in our cabin so I am not worried about people space for more than 2...
  12. We are Elite level and feeling very silly right now. :o:oWe have always enjoyed the wake view so when we decided on the 14 day Circle Caribbean itinerary and there was an aft cabin available I grabbed it and made my deposit much larger than required and went to bed that evening smiling and dreaming about sunset wake departures from Caribbean ports... then the next morning I went to look at my reservation again and that cabin is listed as having a "Premium" balcony but it is also listed as "Obstructed view"? I am about to make my final payment (we are on the 11/25/18 sailing) and I am just wondering how "obstructed" this view really is? I have googled thousands of images of the aft view of the CB but it is impossible to tell any details about this balcony... I thought I might roll the dice and see if any of you fellow "Cruise Critics" might have first hand experience with this cabin? Don't get me wrong - we will have an awesome trip no matter what because that's how we roll - but if I am going to make a change it is going to cost me and I better do it sooner rather than later! Thanks in advance!
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