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  1. JoyFrances

    Auckland Itinerary Ideas

    Hi Maryogreen Did you find that one day in Auckland was enough to see the sights of the city? If we are not going to the island, would 2 days be better. Thank You Joy
  2. JoyFrances

    Complimentary mini bar set up trade

    I wonder if they would give you 1 coffee card and 4 bottles of water?
  3. JoyFrances

    Evening Chic Dress Code

    Further...I have been advised by my contact in Management that there has been no changes to the dress code as of yesterday (Dec 26/17).
  4. JoyFrances

    Evening Chic Dress Code

    My contact is Celebrity Management. This comes from those in the know.
  5. JoyFrances

    Evening Chic Dress Code

    I noticed some confusion on what the rules are for Evening Chic. Someone had mentioned that the men now had to wear either long sleeved shirts or short sleeved shirts with a sports jacket. I contacted Celebrity and was sent the info on Evening Chic which was put into effect in 2015. "Evening Chic is your night to shine in your vacation best, and will be featured once on cruises 6 nights or shorter and twice on cruises 7 nights or longer.Women should feel comfortable wearing:• A cocktail dress• Skirt, pants or designer jeans with an elegant top. Men should feel comfortable wearing:• Pants or designer jeans with a dress shirt, button-down shirt or sweater• Optional sport coat or blazer." When we sailed on the Millennium in October 2016 doing Japan and China, the men I was with wore either dress pants or dockers with golf shirts or short sleeved button shirts. Hope this helps.
  6. JoyFrances

    Electronic Communication with Guests

    Thank you all. I will check our carriers. However, we all Canadians using different carriers as we live in different provinces. We have found that when we have been travelling the texting does not necessarily work and if it does, it can take forever to get to the receiver. I think for comfort sake, we will use the iconcierge. Is this something we do once onboard ship or can we load this onto our phones now? I assume we pay for it when we are uploading this app.
  7. JoyFrances

    Electronic Communication with Guests

    Our grandson is 3 1/2. Our issue is that when our children come back on board, we want them to be able to find us wherever we may be i.e. pool, our cabin, etc. We also want our children to be able to locate us before they leave the ship so that we can then take our grandson or at least know that he is in the children's program so that we can go get him for lunch and then some quality time with his grandparents.
  8. Hello All I am very confused. We are sailing on the Escape with our adult children and grandson. I have seen threads regarding a texting app but they don't refer to the Escape. We will need to stay in touch especially when we have our grandson on the days our adult children decide to go ashore and we have our grandson all to ourselves. Please fill me in on the current situation regarding this issue. Thank You Joy
  9. I have friends travelling with 2 little ones to Tampa for a cruise on the Rhapsody of the Seas in January. They are going in a day in advance and will overnight and then get onboard ship. They do not want to bring car seats for the children but are concerned about transporting them from the airport to the hotel and then from the hotel to the ship and of course, then back to the airport. What info can you give me for companies that have car seats for these transfers. Thanks for your help.
  10. JoyFrances

    dress code in cagney, manhattan

    We are travelling with our son, daughter-in-law and 3 year old grandson in January. My son only owns jeans. He just doesn't wear anything else. Will he be allowed into Cagneys and Manhattan with jeans?
  11. JoyFrances

    Hoyer Lift or alternative at Florida Airports

    Yes CruiseForme it is the same question. I was hoping that perhaps someone who had not been on Cruise Critic for a long time caught the question and had some additional information.
  12. My friend wants to cruise next April. He is in a power wheelchair. He cannot stand or move himself without assistance. He will be flying from Toronto. At Toronto, the airport has a lift that will move him from his wheelchair to the transfer wheelchair and then the lift will go onto the plane to move him from the transfer wheelchair to his seat. He has researched Fort Lauderdale, Miami, West Palm Beach and Orlando airports. They do not have such a lift. The airlines (Air Canada and WestJet) have assured him that when he lands in Florida there will be grounds crew that will lift him from his seat on the plane onto the transfer wheelchair and then once outside the plane from the transfer wheelchair onto his own wheelchair. Has anyone had any experience with this or knows someone that has had such an experience? Obviously he wants to go on this cruise but is concerned about the arrival and departure in Florida. Thank You
  13. We have a new experience coming in January on the Escape. We are sailing with our son, daughter-in-law and 3 1/2 year old grandson. Kids need to be refuelled during the day especially with all that play and pool time. Can someone tell me where we can get quick snacks for him without having to pack Cheerios and granola bars and without pulling him away from his fun to go to the buffet. Thank you for your experience and advice.
  14. I use a mobility scooter and love Celebrity's S-Class ships. Very easy to get around the ship. I have had both HA rooms and non when an HA room was not available. There is an alcove outside the area of the main elevators on the decks with cabins. If you park your scooter into the Alcove there is no issue to leave it there and obviously, take the key. You bring your battery into the cabin to charge. We also sailed Nieuw Amsterdam this winter. We had an HA cabin but it's configuration did not allow for the scooter. We parked the scooter in the elevator lobby with the charging cord in the basket. Our room steward took it away at night (around 11pm), stored it and charged it and brought it back to the elevator lobby at about 6:30am. Great solution! Great service! I have also had the scooter on the Regal and Royal Princess. Very easy to get around. The newer the ship the more accessible features i.e. doors that open automatically in the public areas. Cannot speak about the doors to the cabins. All HA cabins on all ships (new or old) should open automatically. Unfortunately this is not the case.
  15. JoyFrances

    Luggage tags

    I've seen it go as late as 30 days out but even by ordering the luggage tags then never had a problem getting them in time. Keep checking every day or so.