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  1. jessemon

    Best Piano Entertainer on Carnival? (Part 2)

    [quote name='alreadypacked']I couldn't agree more! We used to close down the piano bar every night but not anymore. We miss it a lot since it was our favorite nighttime venue. Last year on the Freedom the piano singer was Martin Aucoin. We tried to give him a chance, but he couldn't sing. I have never heard someone who was actually being paid to sing sound so off key. After my sister and my friend left me at the piano bar, there were only 3 other patrons left besides me, and then I soon left. [COLOR=red]As much as I hate cigarette smoke, I think maybe they should make the piano bar a smoking venue again. When people could smoke in there, it was always hopping--you could barely find a seat. Maybe if the bar generated more revenue they could pay for the better singers.[/COLOR] [COLOR=red] [/COLOR] This past year we've taken a break from Carnival but are considering the Breeze for next year. I'm hoping the piano bar improves by then.[/quote] Couldn't agree more...Although I do smoke a piano bar/club has always been a smoking venue on all the lines. Since that has gone by the wayside the talent level has dropped and the piano bars are mostly empty...Very sad because it has always been in the top two of must do entertainment venues on cruises...
  2. jessemon

    TBA Question

    Are you stealing my lines...lol :D
  3. jessemon

    TBA Question

    Just a quick question about Carnival's "To be assigned" status. Will we get our cabin assignment before we get to the ship?
  4. Is the first night in the main dining rooms open seating only?
  5. jessemon

    Carnival to quit San Juan as home port in 2014

    [quote name='katsura']this a c/p from caribbean businness page Since Gov. Alejandro García Padilla gave his budget speech last week, much has been discussed about the proposed changes to the sales tax, but there has also been discussion about the things the governor didn't say. Case in point, when talking about the tourism industry, García Padilla mentioned that cruiselines such as Royal Caribbean, Princess and Disney would continue serving the island, fostering job creation and economic development. However, there was one glaring omission on that list: Carnival Cruise Lines. This has sent a perhaps unintended signal to some industry representatives who, as this paper reported recently, were up in arms about the possibility of Carnival moving their homeport from Puerto Rico to the Bahamas, dealing a potentially lethal blow to the local cruise sector. Although public officials since then have said that a deal renewal between the cruise line and the Puerto Rico government would take place within the next few weeks, Carnival's omission from the governor's speech suggests such a deal hasn't yet been completely worked out. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk[/quote] You got it...Carnival wants something and the game has begun...Carnival will be there
  6. jessemon

    Past guest/ upgrade question

    Just got a $40 reduction on the past guest rate we booked. Had to call them though.
  7. jessemon

    Carnival 2014?

    Waiting for fall of 2014 out of San Juan...A bunch of us want to know...Are you reading the boards today Carnival...Shake a leg...:D
  8. Save your money and don't do it...Carnevil is taking the bennies away from Platinum cruisers faster than a $3 watch runs...Too bad, I have my platinum status and worked to get it just to see then bennies change...I am back to cruising many other cruiselines again like I used to and the bennies I get from them are no better no worse but, I get too enjoy the different venues, food, shows, entertainment.. itins and many other enjoyable bennies. Yes I will cruise Carnival again, but not as much as I used to....Their loss not mine... You know the saying..."Fool me once shame on you"...Y'all know the rest... Next cruise is on NCL Dawn in 3 weeks and am planning a review to be posted here and on that board....:cool:
  9. [quote name='n2knight']Yeah, like thats gonna happen![/quote] [quote name='joeandaimeesmom']hahaha Yea right..:D Have a great cruise.. :)[/quote] [B][FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3][COLOR=red]He wants me...lol[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/B] [B][FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3][COLOR=#ff0000][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/B] [B][FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3][COLOR=#ff0000]Will do...Can't wait for the PARTY BUS.....[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/B]
  10. [B][FONT="Comic Sans MS"][SIZE="3"][COLOR="Red"] Just stoppped by to say hey and hope everyone is well. Just 27 days till our little group of old cruising friends (10 of us) sets sail on the NCL Dawn out of Tampa. Can't wait...The $650 per person balcony price was great too. Now I just have to keep Allen at bay....:eek: [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/B]
  11. [quote name='n2knight']Well... Mr. Zazzle just informed me he has two items in a box waiting to be shipped to me...[/quote] [B][FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3][COLOR=red]Ward, the comment for this was just way too easy...LOL...:p[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][/B]
  12. [quote name='n2knight']Happy 4th of July! ...and Im at work...:mad:[/quote] I was too...:cool:...Hello all been busy as he!! with the new job....Just stopped by to say hey and it is the first time I have been on CC for a while so just looking around....:D
  13. jessemon

    Wow have the menus changed...

    [quote name='Sargent_Schultz']Not as an entree, but they do have an amazing duck appetizer - one of my favorite new dishes. [IMG]http://www.zydecocruiser.net/Bloggers2012/05_MoBay/3-7-2012%282%29/DSC_6994.JPG[/IMG][/quote] One of my two favorite appetizers on Carnival...
  14. jessemon

    Wow have the menus changed...

    I really want to make the consume...1 qt beef stock to 1 pint port wine....Yum...Would be very rich...
  15. jessemon

    Wow have the menus changed...

    [quote name='welldone60']Yea...times have changed. Back then the lower class was served lobster....because it was cheap.[/quote] I love a history buff...Yep on the lobster was something fed to steerage....;)