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  1. I'm sailing on the Gem this upcoming Saturday (10/20) and just put in a bid for a balcony (we're currently in an interior on deck 9, sail away). I put in a paltry bid of $55/pp about 2 weeks ago and was expecting to have heard back by now, even if it's a rejection. Anyone know what the timeline is for these kinds of situations, especially since I put the bid in so late? For awhile the cruise has been shown as sold out, it wouldn't even register a result when searching on NCLs website. I checked again last night and it showed interior, oceanview, and balcony cabins available! However, a mock booking showed everything as sold out or not available - why would it show as available (with prices) but then have no availability? Checked again tonight and same thing, except it's giving the option to book ONE specific balcony cabin. No other categories or rooms. I know it's all a crapshoot, but has anyone gotten a bid accepted very late in the game?
  2. Yes but it's easy - you'll literally just follow the huge crowd disembarking and then just hop back on. The rule is that all riders must depart the ferry, no exceptions. Be sure to also get a view from the front (going back towards Manhattan) for a stunning view of lower manhattan.
  3. Yep - it won't be as busy as Broadway would be, but I was recently in the area and 5th Ave is still busy at that hour. Less people than the daytime, and definitely more tourists than business people, but you'll be fine. You might find that most stores close around 9pm-10pm but that doesn't mean the streets shutter up and it becomes a ghost town. Most restaurants are open until 10-11pm as well, so there's very little, if any, dead areas. If it makes you feel better, the trains are packed until well past midnight here, so there's always people moving around.
  4. Definitely no reservations! The entire stretch is bustling at all hours, especially closer to Times Square. The standard "don't look clueless" disclaimer does apply (keep wallet in front pocket, preferably a money belt, don't let people distract you, etc.), but you're not going to be randomly accosted just because. Times Square is crazy and always full of people at all hours - it slows down a tiny bit around 3-4am, but it's never fully dead, and it's always bright! A big hint most people don't realize: If you're planning to do an observation deck viewing, go to Rockefeller Center instead of the ESB - that way you'll get the view of the ESB in your foreground and it looks amazing!
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