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  1. I told Carnival that I would even "sacrifice" myself to go out on a "Test Cruise" and sign whatever they wanted my to sign Carnival if you are listening - I can be in Galveston in a few hours - (p.s. I would like a Havana balcony)
  2. This is not the case with Sam's Mastercard - My refunds are coming in slowly for Cruise, Spa Packages and Excursions and just yesterday I charged a Spa Package for my upcoming cruise in August 2020 - Carnival took my money without blinking and the same card I have disputed charges with Carnival accepted the charge - I even asked Carnival if they would just move the Spa Package from the cancelled cruise to the new cruise - nope
  3. Carnival immediately sent me 2 gift cards via FedEx from my cancelled March cruise I used them again for my cancelled April cruise and have not received any replacements yet I did however get back several excursion refunds and a full cruise refund last week So I don't really think Carnival is "going under"
  4. Gov. Abbott in TX will open everything up by next week - which includes Galveston I can't wait to be on one of these cruises with less passengers - A Dream Cruise No lines - no chair problems - not worried about my steakhouse reservation Driving to the port so no worries about getting a flight I will gladly "sacrifice" to be one of the first cruisers back out Plus, all of the "bad mood" people will not be on the cruise - Yay!!
  5. https://www.meritech.com/markets/travel_leisure These new hand sanitizing systems were all over the Vista - just don't lose your jewelry in there...
  6. People die on cruise ships all the time - we had a death on my last cruise and they disembarked the entire family while we were out at sea - the Captain gives you that option if the ship is close to a port - or you can take the other option as every ship has a morgue - (might as well finish the cruise imo 😘) People also get sick on cruise ships - probably way more in the early days when the ships did not have the advanced stabilization systems in place or in the event one person decides to go on the cruise sick - If you cruised a long time ago you know that the measures taken to keep these ships clean now versus then is unbelievable If you are suspected to be sick - you will get locked in your cabin - that also goes if you are drunk or disorderly
  7. Easy Answer: Yes I'm already booked for May 16th 45 days is a long time - things will be different - I'm counting on it💗
  8. Carnival cancelled my Mar. 21 cruise and now my Apr. 11 cruise (one refund request/one FCC request) I have not received any refunds and I am also waiting for 2 excursion refunds and 2 spa package refunds I called my cc company to see if they had received anything from Carnival and Nothing I am ready to do the disputes and if the refunds come in I will cancel the disputes What are these "nightmares" regarding disputes? I would think in this time Carnival would be a little more lax
  9. What should you do about the chair hoarders ? BTW Will they still stock your cabin with extra toilet paper?
  10. I opted for a refund for my March 21st sailing and Carnival still has not provided a refund I would suggest the OBC route since they are saying that any refund could take up to 90 days
  11. Carnival said April 11th So I am booked on April 11th Also had no problem with bookings for April / May 2020 just a few minutes ago My cancelled cruise was supposed to leave today... Just watched the video of crew members having fun on the ship 🌞
  12. We were told that this particular cabana at the end (only 2 story one) is usually reserved for ship captains and their families or if any dignitaries (that would be important people I suppose) were on board a cruise ship - and if it is not being used then they will negotiate with someone who asks - we met the people who were in it last year and they were told it rents for $450 if not reserved by a VIP - they had 6 people in their group -
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