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  1. Thank you for taking us along virtually on your trip. We board the Silver Cloud tomorrow and could not be more excited!
  2. Jpalbny--thank you so much for the detailed reply! It's most appreciated. It will help us figure out our layers--just have to make sure we're warm enough during our two days in Iceland prior to the cruise. And your food and service experiences sound just fine!
  3. We are departing Friday for two days in Iceland, then boarding the ship on August 26th! I'm a little nervous now about the food/service; I guess we won't be surprised if it's sometimes not as good as we would expect. I have a question for you cruisers about the parka: how warm is it? I know you had some very cold, wet, and windy weather. Did you need layers under the parka, and if so, what layers did you use? We're finishing up our packing and trying to figure out the layering situation. Thanks!
  4. What amazing photos! We are on the Kangerlussuaq round-trip cruise on the 26th, and we can't wait! One question: how's the "standard" wifi speed-wise? How much is it to buy the premium internet (we're in a cabin category that doesn't include the premium). Thanks, and continue to enjoy!! Loving this thread and the one from the prior cruise!
  5. We are scheduled on the Kangerlussuaq to Kangerlussuaq journey departing August 26, and we are so enjoying your pictures and descriptions! It's making us even more excited for our 16-night journey on the Silver Cloud. I hope your weather improves soon but it sounds as though you're having a marvelous time regardless.
  6. Thanks FauxNom and 2FromTO. We booked this cruise in November 2017 to take advantage of early pricing, and it doesn't seem quite so far off now!
  7. This will be our first Silversea trip, and we are very excited. Showing my ignorance, what is the silver box? Thanks!
  8. Hi again Faux Nom, If you can still see this thread, I have one more question about the charter flight from KEF to Greenland. Do you recall how/when you were informed about the flight time? Because we're coming to Reykjavik a few days before our cruise and staying in a hotel we booked ourselves, we will have to make our way on our own to KEF at the appropriate time. Thanks!
  9. Thank for all the replies! I guess some of my confusion now about hiking boots vs. waterproof knee-high muck boots is that the latter are required in Antarctica because of the possibility of environmental contamination. You have to sanitize the muck boots before getting off and when returning to the ship from landings in Antarctica. What is the situation in the Arctic? If the waterproof boots are not required for landings, I might bring my own hiking boots and take a chance on borrowing the muck boots when necessary.
  10. For those who have been on an expedition cruise to Antarctica or the Arctic on the "new" Silver Cloud, what is the situation with the waterproof boots? When we went to Antarctica on the Fram a couple of years ago, there were plenty of boots in all sizes to borrow. Is that the case on the Cloud, or is it necessary to buy or rent boots? If the latter, we are planning to rent them and have them waiting for us on board. But what if you don't exactly know which size will fit? It appears that one should rent one size larger than one's normal shoe size, but is this the case? What happens if you rent them and then they don't fit? Thanks for any information!
  11. Thank you to FauxNom and jpalpny for your replies!
  12. We're booked on the Silver Cloud Expedition, Kangerlussuaq to Kangerlussuaq, on August 26, 2019. We're going a couple of days early and booking our own hotel--much cheaper than the ones Silversea offers. I'm assuming the charter flight to Greenland flies out of and into Keflavik, but does anyone know for sure? My travel agent seems a little vague. We're planning on spending one night in Reykjavik on the return as our flight home is in the morning on Sept 12 (cruise returns on the 11th). If the flight is to Keflavik, we'll just stay in a hotel near the airport. Thanks!
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