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  1. I love, love, love steamed veggies and wish there were more offered on cruises. Sometimes I feel like the vegetable is a second thought, when to me it is a high light. But I don't much care for most of the vegetarian dishes, just veggies with my entrée.
  2. Gina I always love your attitude. and of course I will always love the Enchantment! So many memories. Rev
  3. I thought I would hate the Oasis and I loved it. Please don't listen to all the negatives...those are simply personal experiences and many times there are extenuating circumstances involved. You are celebrating a wonderful event, the fact that you and the one you love have been fortunate enough to be together for 30 years. Treat yourself well, buy a restaurant package if they offer it, get a massage or two, have a breakfast or two in your room. Enjoy each other, and I guarantee the ship will be beautiful through your eyes. My husband and I would always say as we traveled, no matter what the occasion, that we were making memories. Now that he has passed, I treasure those wonderful trips we took together, we always had a wonderful time. and we were so fortunate to have made so many memories together. Happy sailing. Rev
  4. With all these knowledgeable experts chiming in I'm afraid I may not have anything to add. However, if you want to know what Royal is doing, simply ask them. It's a simple as that. You will at least get information as good as what is in this thread. Rev
  5. One of the safest places to be when there is a hurricane is on a ship, they can move out of the hurricane path.
  6. The very first time I ever cruised on Royal. It was a 5 day cruise on the Sovereign of the Seas, out of Miami in 1996. I still to this day call it the cruise from hell. If it could go wrong, it did go wrong: Cruise canceled by Royal by mistake, then assigned a different cabin far, far away from the elevators, with a husband who had trouble walking. Constantly locked out of our cabin for almost two days. Room never made up, no towels no nothing! Lost luggage Cabin next to anchor Cabin right under constant jogging on promenade deck Cruise itinerary completely changed delayed getting on by almost three hours Husband got food poising, just when toilets down for almost an entire day. No table assignment in dinning room wake up call every morning at 5:15AM and we never ordered a wake up call Horrible food delivered only to me in main dinning room, it became a joke to all our table mates when we were finally assigned a table. Hotel Manager told us that all these things can and do happen on a ship holding over two thousand passengers, however he had never heard of them all happening to the same two passengers. He gave us 75% off our next cruise. We went home and booked the Royal Suite on the brand new Enchantment of the Seas and have been cruising on Royal Caribbean ever since.
  7. This stuff drives me nuts , I'll believe it when it happens. But it's interesting to think about. Rev
  8. I believe the OP wanted something that was mid priced. There is no way that the Embassy Suites or the Hyatt are mid priced, they would fall under expensive. Many people stay at the Comfort Inn, corner of Rt.1 and SE 17th St. It has a free breakfast and a free shuttle to the port. The prices of Hotels fluctuate according to the time of the year. I like the advice that "clera" gave you regarding checking on price line or fact similar. The reason I say Comfort Inn is because it is in the hub of great restaurants, and a lot of other things to do. Rev
  9. the Grand suites on the Allure are a lot smaller than on the Navigator. I traveled with three people and found it very crowded. I was glad I had booked an owner's suite for the second half of our back to back. As far as five in a GS on the Navigator, my only consideration would be the bathroom, that is going to take some careful planning and many rules. Rev
  10. Aussie, I love your sense of humor! You just brightened my day. Rev
  11. It's like Mutt and Jeff. Why am I so short:eek: Actually I love the picture because I remember what I was doing at the time. Thanks for posting it Gina. Rev
  12. Gina, I'm so glad you came on, I'm so bad at explaining things and didn't want to involve you in this unless you wanted to say something. I was just trying to tell everyone what had happened. We did have fun didn't we. I know I will see you again. The pleasure was mine. Rev
  13. This is kind of what I saw in writing. The single supplement can not be combined with the balcony discount, or any other discount including: senior, Florida, military, fireman, and I forget what else. This person also received a chart showing this new change and what can and can not be combined with it, but the chart that was printed out was a little small. This was all given to my friend on the Vision yesterday by the loyalty ambassador when this friend asked for a brake down of the cruise just booked. I also saw the brake down with the one and one half non commissionable costs added on. I could hardly believe my eyes.
  14. I saw her booking with the memo, she booked on board, just yesterday. So what has changed since them. Celia, I am praying what you are saying is correct and not what I just saw. Rev
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