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  1. I’m very pleased with our choice after reading all the raves about the Zuiderdam. We have sailed larger ships. But definitely prefer the smaller venue. Actually we like them even smaller than the Z
  2. Good to get feedback. And yes we’re booked on August 19,2020. I’ve not seen a Roll Call on this sailing yet. We’re really looking forward to this itinerary.
  3. We have never sailed HAL. But just booked a TA/19 day cruise for August of 2020. I’d like to know just what are the pros and cons of this ship? Has it been refurbished? And are the SS Suites worth the extra $ ?
  4. We were able to reserve an over the water bugelow at the BoraBora Pearl!!!!! Price was right and it was location-location-location.....plus you get away from all the cruise mates for a day!!:D
  5. We'll be in 9660 in 2-2012. Any heads up about the cabin?? We had 8170 last February and loved it. But we couldn't get it b/2b. Hence 9660. We LOVE the Serenade.:cool:
  6. I've been going crazy trying to find a cabin. The only 2 large ones left are in less than desired locations. So, I'm back to re-thinking Cat "L" on the Veranda deck. Does anyone know the sf of these??
  7. To say the least, these are confusing to the newbie.......i.e. they should designate the large cabins with a * or something on the diagrams. Probably the good ones go first!!:confused:
  8. I've located these 2 cabins. I know that there's some issues. My TA is waiting or my answer.......how much noise can we expect for either?? We are early to bed types...:D
  9. So, in going back and looking at the diagrams.......Cat K. is available on the Upper Veranda,,actually several are. It appears that there's cabins above and below Cat. K's.......correct??? Most are for 2 people, some for 4. I also, assume that ALL Cat. K's have a sofa?? Are these around 200sf then?:rolleyes:
  10. I'm trying to decide if a Cat. L is the same as a Cat. J on size. One looks longer and narrower and the other more square. We want on a deck that has cabins above us and below---we've found things quieter that way on other ships. I also saw that the inside cabin range was from 154sq to 200sf. Can you help me??:cool:
  11. the best $$$ spent for memories.......we took all our kids/g/kids a few years ago...everyone loved it, even though the weather was crummy!!
  12. I HATE to fly too........but it's a necessary evil. There are some HAL cruises in and out of LA/San Diego that do nice long cruises with minimal flying...:rolleyes: BUT the Serenade was so awesome..we just had to do b2b. 10 different Ports!!!!!
  13. Looking at maybe upgrading our aft d2 to a GS. I know we get the robes/some drinks, etc. But I recall somewhere seeing that you receive extra points that count towards Diamond....anyone know???:rolleyes:
  14. I wanted to know, if you have to be on or have cruised RCL before joining the C&A???:rolleyes:
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