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  1. Well said, totally agree. Good health to you all.
  2. 🤣😂 what a pity, she sounds wonderful. I am sure the Crew would have enjoyed having her. Bye.👋👋
  3. Hi Don, That is wonderful news for your Mum, so happy it all ended in her favor, even though it took soooo long. Thank you for sharing her news with us. I am thinking of you locked down in Melbourne, I wish you and your Mum good health, stay safe. Regards, Pamela.
  4. I am over the moon! we have now received our full refund. I called Azamara on 16th June, I spoke to a nice guy, he told me that our refund had been paid back to Agency, he wouldn't tell me when the refund was paid. I contacted TA, asking if she has received it, no, she was still waiting to hear from wholesaler! I did email her again on 26th June stating that "my fellow passengers, from England and Australia had all received theirs" yes, I know it was a little white lie! Once again she assured me she had had no word. Then the very next morning I received an email from her stating, our refund had been paid into the wholesalers bank, we would received our money in 7 to 10 days. When I originally asked for a full refund, I was told we would have pay the standard cancellation charge, which was $300.00 each. We were not charge the cancellation fee. You can all imagine, I am very, very happy.😊 Now, for future booking of Cruises, I don't know who I will book with, I think here in Aus, we are in the same situation with our TA agents, as our English friends are. I do agree with the previous threads, Azamara could have explained to us all months ago, when the refunds & credits were paid, it would have save a lot of anxiety & stress for us all. 🍾🦊🛳️
  5. WOW!! I want their name😊👍
  6. 🍾🍷 Congratulations! crack open a bottle!!
  7. Beyond the joke isn't! When & if we finally receive our refund, our TA is going to charge us $300 each! Our money did go into their account. After reading Smurfette2 thread , in future I will be dealing with Cruise Company only.
  8. 🍷🥂 OOOOH, I won't bring a bottle out yet, but here's hoping. I actually contacted my Bank this afternoon asking about credit card charge back...thank you to the previous threads on Credit Card charge back...my Bank told me there is no time limited on submitting a dispute... I will contact my TA first, give them another go. I am also waiting on refund for our return flights from Singapore from Qantas, Qantas told me it has to come from Singapore end??? I will be disputing this credit with Bank.
  9. I too have been following this thread, along with a lot of others I would say. I received confirmation on 17th March from my TA that we would be receiving a full refund for our Cruise on Journey, leaving Sydney on 24th March. On 1st May, we received email from Azamara stating the following "They were working diligently to resolve most of the volume issues and are working around the clock addressing backlog to get us our refund as quickly as possible. Some refunds are taking up to 45 days" It is now over 80 Days. I have contacted my TA, she said she would contact the wholesaler here in Sydney, that was 10 days ago, haven't have any word😒 I am now wondering if we should have taken Credit instead of refund. I don't know when Cruise ships will be allowed to dock here in Aus, at present every State have their own rules with opening up the borders & isolation when you do go over the border. It's an awful waiting game at present, we are not winning!😩 Pamela.
  10. Phil, Vietnam beer is cheap....but, it has to be very, very cold!.... don't know about wine, I only drink wine on the Ship, because I like my white wine chilled. Pamela.🍻🍺
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