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  1. Every time I used them but once I recall. May depend on when you get there though? They generally have cars leaving as you arrive if you get there early. As spots open they will move your car and park it as well as record the location. I don't recall seeing a lot of cars waiting to be parked though. I've never had a problem.
  2. Actually $7.99/day now, off course depending on date needed which could be higher. As for parking at the port, did it once, and never again. Can't park on lowest level so it is best to drop off others in party and luggage and then park. Going home, everyone is trying to get on elevators to higher level WITH luggage. If you only go to get the car and then go back and get your party, it can be a long line getting back into the terminal. Reason we always use Park 'n Go. Also, they have a Frequent Parker program. 10 days parking and you get 1 free... and we usually have at least one on almost every trip. It is actually faster too, shuttles always are there it seems, both going to the ship and back to the parking spot. When you park, you go to the buses, they handle your luggage, on the bus, and usually wait a some more people and off to the ship. They park your car. Return, hop on the shuttle, they drive you to your car and off-load your luggage. Exit and you are right on the highway. Always seems faster to me than parking at the pier.
  3. I've been told the price is the same as on Cruise Planner or on the ship. Tier discounts will apply as well. One little wrinkle I hit, Elite+ 30% when you call the Captain's Club is only good on the single Full or Surf package. Want the 2 device package, they can't offer it, only available on ship. You can get 2 single device packages with the tier discount if you wish, but it will cost more than a 2 device package with the discount on ship. That was what I was told when I called to reserve a 2 device package. I do know when you go to sign up and fill in the cabin, name, and reservations details (or whatever is required?) I've always see the discount for tier price shown.
  4. Might want to call back? There is, but only on the SINGLE device one. I wanted the 2 Device package (minus the Elite 30%) but was told CC can ONLY sell the single package. Would cost me more for 2 singles ($25) using the Elite discount than getting the 2 device on-board. You get the discount that way. Can go to the iLounge and get it or even on the device when you first connect.
  5. Me too. Got e-mail for our cruise in July telling me new shore excursions have been added and many items are on sale @ 20% off. So I took the link... go to Cruise planner page. Selected Shore Excursions, and the day I was interested in. Nothing new. After that, couldn't change port nor select anything else. I close the browser and tried the link in the e-mail. Went to a page to find a cruise??? Huh? OK, I'll go to the cruise I'm going on, and tried the link to plan and, like above, I'm asked to sign it? Never could get back to that CP page I first got to. So I called. Agent tried it and they got to it. I sent via e-mail I got to her. She tried, couldn't get in? Looked and my account was locked she said. OK, she freed it, and I should try again. Same thing, got to Shore Excursions and couldn't do anything else. She tried again and couldn't either. She made a note on my record and would open a report that might take up to 48 hours to resolve. Said the sale was on to Tuesday (4 days counting today would end on Monday though?). I should try Sunday, 'maybe' it would be fixed. After reading here it seems to be a real web site problem... site was always 'iffy', now it seems worse.
  6. Wonder if they are there as it is easier to remove materials that were removed during the crossing like furniture or flooring, from the top of the ship and of course bulky items or containers items were in and put on the ship in Spain? Another reason the ship docked there and not #25 which it will be moved to for tomorrow?
  7. You might have misunderstood the response you got. I too tried to get the 2 Surf package on Internet with the Elite discount. At the time the single full Internet and Surf packages were on sale 25% off, less than the Elite discount. I was told I could get 2 single Surf packages but it would cost me more than getting the double 2 device package. Agent told me book it on the ship, our Elite discount would work for that. Actually, I think you don't even need to go to the iLounge to do that? Just connect to the Wifi and then buy a package, the price should appear with the 30% discount as I recall? Apparently Captain Club can not 'sell' all possible purchases, only some?
  8. Yup, and it was on both nights, and other nights as well. Picture taken from Lawn Club Grill..
  9. On the Reflection it is basically had fixed 'plastic' panels on it I recall. Food was really good. I was surprised by the table of 10 next to us. They ordered individually and extra steaks that were different for a few to share. I loved the lamb chops, and I did ask how many were in an order, was told as many as I wanted, so I ordered 4 and was served 6. 2 nights later we were eating in The Porch and they told us that the next night the Lawn Grill was 50% off... so we booked it again. I couldn't make up my mind between the Rib Steak and Lamb chops again (different waiter) so he suggested I get both... OK, but just 2 Lamb chops, got only 3 and the steak, which was way too much. The TV screen was on both nights. No sound, movie started much later, just showing scenery and waterfalls. Wish they had both the LG and The Porch on the Equinox.. and The Porch was a really good deal for the price.
  10. For me. the only reason to go 'suit and tie' is the nights they take formal pictures and we wanted more pictures, otherwise it is casual. Even then, sometimes we'll have pictures taken.
  11. Sorry, my mistake on the RCCL ship, it is the Harmony now at Port Canaveral. Newer Oasis class, and it does the same 2 Mexican ports as the Equinox. Both ships are port intensive, only 2 sea days compared to some other routes. We live in Orlando area too, and have done the Allure with 2 teen grandchildren 3 years ago. No complaints other then the 12 year old at the time was afraid to do the Zip line but did on the last day, was sorry he didn't do it sooner. They are going with us on the Equinox, we'll see how that goes, but they are probably going to be happy and they will be able to use the electronic devices they have. Doing that this time for something different, and getting 2 cabins close by for July was easier.
  12. Well, if you are really in Orlando, far easier to get to the Allure. Might cost more though, those big ships normally do. For teens, well, the Allure has a lot more to offer, rock climbing, mini-golf, wave rider, zip line, etc. on-board, but that might not be what they want. It might stop (I have not looked) at the private island (one of two RCCL uses) depending in route. Might have more sea days though. Equinox, depending on router might only have 2 sea days, but I think it is more 'sedate'. You know your kids, show them web sites and what the ships have and ask them is probably the best answer.
  13. Great, put it in and got it! I missed doing that on the Feb. cruise, but it was a group and I don't recall if the TA tried or not, but those are not usually allowed. I have the NO PERKS fare, so maybe that was why? Did have a Senior discount though?
  14. I think it is the Crown and Anchor credit that is the problem, not promotions. You can have the C&A cabin credit, or the stockholder credit, NOT both. You'll get the one that is worth more. Same would go for CC level too I guess?
  15. Yes, price does matter and what you get for it too, positively agree. This time we're doing Tuscany for the first night, $30 per. Murano's on my Birthday @ $50 per. After that, we'll see. On the Reflection (and on the Equinox you can buy it too) we bought the 4 night dining package when on sale, I think $129 per. Average price was great, and ate in Murano's, Tuscany, Lawn Club, and LPC. It was an 11 night cruise so we had time, and that normally would have cost around $300. One night they offered the Lawn Club at 1/2 price, so we ate there again. Sushi on Five was always 50% off for lunch if you have an excursion ticket when you came back. However, on a summer cruise they might not be offering discounts. In Feb. it wasn't hard to get a reservation in any place, but the cruise was longer too, so maybe the reservations spread out more? We had the 'free' Classic Drink Package on the Reflection. Yeah, had to watch what you ordered as I got hit with a charge on water. I was given Perrier which wasn't included when I asked for water. Didn't realize that. Most cocktails were around the $9 limit but like you said, not the 'better' ones. This cruise we bypassed the 'free' perks. Agent compared prices without and with 2. Any 2 if one wasn't the Classic drink it was cheaper without taking the 2 'free' perks. Even if we did take the drink package and the tips or credit, you really had to be a big drinker it seemed. The difference with any 2 or 1 with the drink package as I recall was paying about $425 more for the cabin per, but any 2 without one being the drink package was at least $100 less than the fare increase. So if I took the $150 credit and $105 tips it would be a loss of $170. Internet was a better deal than tips, but we're Elite and get a 30% discount on it which didn't reduce the fare so we didn't take that. That for most with the Internet would be a break even with the extra charge. We also get some free drinks for Elite's at night so with this cruise being so port intensive the drinks that we need to buy it might not even have paid to get the Drink package. The cost to move up from the Classic to the Premium Drink Package was $10/per night plus tax which seemed high too. Other cruise lines play the same 'game'.
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