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  1. My daughter had ankle surgery and was non weight bearing. We got a small transport wheelchair which worked great. She used crutches in the cabin.
  2. My daughter just went on the July 26th sailing. She had the package. She came back with the 5 printed pictures, the digital files as well as the larger canvas print.
  3. My daughter is booked on the one leaving on the 27th for her honeymoon. It hasn’t been cancelled yet but would be next on the list for cancellations. Any speculation on if they will have the ship repaired and actually sail the 27th?
  4. Our ship docked in Miami. Was at Ft Lauderdale AirPower by 915. This happenened because everything went perfectly with no delays.
  5. Just did Chef’s Table on the Valor last week. 18 percent tip automatically added.
  6. Definitely do not walk anywhere if you stay close to the airport. Drury does get you a bit closer to Galveston.
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