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  1. Thank you for the responses. Are the bars and shops close or not? I'd just stay in the shop but my Friend wants to go get off since it's a new port for us.... We were also told "port congestion". I love Costa Maya. We usually go to Maya Chan, in fact we were booked and received a refund. Maya Chan is our favorite Excursion. If you've never heard of it. Do a search. It's a great beach day, all inclusive with your own assigned Papala or similar to just relax. Included a great lunch, all you care to eat, and beverages. Yummm 🏝️🍺🍹
  2. Wondering what to do in Belize City. We received a notice of itinerary change from Costa Maya, which I Love, to Belize City. Never been there. Any suggestions. It will be a friend and I.
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