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  1. Haven’t been on CC for awhile - next cruise isn’t till Feb 24 on X-Sillhoutte so it’s too depressing to read about cruising when it so far off 😫. Can’t wait to see you photos of Halloween cruise - you will do it up right I’m sure👻☠️😈. BTW- Housewives fan also! (LVP gone / Not gone 🤔) What about Below Deck? The Winks need to be a charter guests 👏👏👏👏👏 FYI - We enjoyed HAL Nieuw Statendam; beautiful ship - but we were just plebs with no status like we have on X.
  2. Hi Winks & Mrs Winks! So glad you have cured my qestioning mind - maybe we would like the mega ships? NO, I would not! So love all your reviews and when I am getting ready for a cruise I look to see if you have a new review of -any ship - gets me in the cruise mood. We have mainly been Celebrity cruisers but are but want to try new ships (I am ship freak). That said, we are heading out on the HAL Nieuw Statendam in couple weeks. I have heard good things from friends (we are all mid 50’s) regarding classic style cruising - good food, deck space NOT dedicated to jungle gyms and go-carts, decent entertainment and music speciality bars. Of course we are starting out as plebs with no loyalty status. Yikes, how will we survive??? We shall see! Have you and Mrs. Winks tried HAL yet? Looking forward to your next cruise adventure!!!!
  3. Thanks for the beverage breakdown and the good tips on happy hour specials.
  4. Thanks for info. We are trying HAL for first time on NS in March. Can anyone give me explanation of what the VQ Veranda Spa class includes. TA just said admittance to Spa - is there special relaxation rooms or Persian Garden-like lounge similar to X or entrance to Retreat. Also, since we are doing last minute, interested in the Retreat - if you don’t get a cabana can you reserve lounge chairs? We enjoy quiet, full-sun lounging from 9:30ish to Noon. Any hidden spots (near pool not important). How is the fitness center, yoga or Pilates classes - fee? Have heard great things about HAL, Kdam so I am excited to try the Nieuw Statendam. appreciate any advice to make a great first experience. Appreciate the advice!
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