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  1. I think OP can easily make the flight....if he becomes this guy: https://youtu.be/6z_VpVaPLWs
  2. Probably 2 12 packs for the two of us on our 7-day/5-port cruise. And we will take a few cold ones with us at each port as I prefer water to anything else when it’s really hot. And I prefer carrying sealed water in a bag over carrying a Tervis that might leak.
  3. At $4.50/12 pack + delivery fees, probably the best deal you’ll get from Carnival.
  4. You might want to judge the cruise line for short-changing your visit and not the port. And San Juan does have a great deal of night life to go with the many day trip activities. That is why we chose to embark from there.
  5. Make sure you are logged in to your VIFP# when doing the mock bookings for checking on price drops. For my upcoming cruise the rack rate never went below my booking rate but I got $50/pp savings from a logged in price drop about 5 months out.
  6. I think the report/not to report would be based on smoke tolerance/asthma. Obviously if my young grand-kids are with me, you best believe I’m snitching on Mary Jane.
  7. Mandatory gratuities.....just kidding. To list something different than above....any “exclusive” excursion where Carnival charges more than you’d pay if you weren’t coming from the cruise ship. Often these are more crowded too. I know someone is going to chime in about guaranteeing to not miss the boat but how often does same tour operator have 1 group make the boat or it is held up and 1 misses it.
  8. Yes, I’m a little concerned about what Carnival, RCCL and the other lines that embark from San Juan will do if the situation does not ease soon. It would be a huge logistical & monetary nightmare to depart anywhere else. My cruise is not until September & I would be comfortable visiting OSJ/San Juan areas not directly impacted if it continued.
  9. So I guess I won’t be swimming in France any time soon.
  10. OP, we are going on the Fascination in September but booked our trip in January and airfare in February. Unless you have priced out airfare already to SJU, it probably will be more than you think & may affect your decision. Since you indicated you like excursions, you may want to take that cruise at some future date since it has 5 stops and only 1 sea day.
  11. Snit, please just move on. There is informative discussion on that board related to planning travel around weather since most cruises still continue regardless of people’s travel to port. And in case you are wondering, I lived in Houston for 25 years and experienced 2 major hurricanes in that time along with several smaller systems with massive flooding.
  12. 80 days until my next cruise. Ironically it will be just over 8,000 days (22 years) since my last cruise.
  13. Consider it fate & become the beach bum I always wanted to be.
  14. The only “change” I would make regarding tipping is make it mandatory that tips are included in pricing/be prepaid & also have port fees listed. No more $50/night/pp when it it is really at least twice that. This would produce a more realistic pricing model to the new cruisers. Yes, the option to lower grays would still need to be available once onboard if bad service dictates. I doubt I would ever elect it though.
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