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  1. Thanks. This ship is on my future wish list.
  2. No let me clarify. Let’s say today I want to book a cruise 18 months out & have several lines to choose from (as most do) or can fly as cheaply into Florida port as a New Orleans/Galveston port (as I do). So a lot of options open. I’d rather know whether the current price is lower or higher than it has been for the last 6 months for that booking or between booking options. Obviously if price goes down after booking you usually can apply for a price adjustment, but knowing I locked in option B when option A has cyclical pricing may make me want to wait. Again if you look at a site like camel x 3 who tracks price changes on Amazon for thousands of items, it can’t be that difficult.
  3. Foreward: I am not looking for a site that tracks price drops. Now I realize there is more complexity in tracking every room type for every departure date & that cruiselines make you go thru a several steps to do a mock booking. But I am spoiled by sites like camelcamelcamel that track Amazon item pricing. Is there something similar for pricing cruises (even just a specific line such as Carnival or RCL) on base price for interior/window/balcony/suite? I’m sure someone out there at least has a script that does multiple mock bookings and records the results. Thanks
  4. Specific dates/cabin level/price pp would be appreciated. Thanks
  5. Sorry to go a little off-topic but it seems weird why Carnival would change guaranteed staterooms that are fully paid for (assuming no refund is given) to lesser rooms just because of reduced # of passengers. I get it they CAN make more money by moving you in order to book a new 3-4 passenger slot, but a lot of hassle & badwill toward the original party. Pretty much akin to an airline making a mother hold an infant child whose seat was paid for (some do in order to ensure ability to use a carrier) and then be told you must hold the baby for the flight because we overbooked.
  6. Option 2 is probably Fascination based on this being a Carnival board.
  7. Not sure what airport you are flying out of OP from Yuma, but be on the lookout 6-7 months before your trip when Southwest opens their schedule. I booked St Louis to San Juan last month just as SWA opened their September schedule. Paid $305 per person round trip with the stop-over. American/Delta was about $125-$150 more with 2+ stop overs. Another thing about flying into/out SJU: check flying in on Saturday (day before cruise) and possibly out on Monday after return. Fares are usually a lot cheaper (maybe less for 2 people than the extra hotel night) and you get another day to explore Puerto Rico.
  8. Not sure if this is the Amazon item OP was talking about: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07JVHYJ8M/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_0ZNKCbHR1SEGC Use coupon code RTXRFRKI to lower price to $13.99.
  9. Deck 5 is all rooms so you would need to view a diagram of the ship to see what elevators you are near or what activities you are below. Google “Carnival Fascination deck plan” & look for the pdf link from Carnival. It shows all levels of the ship side-by-side so it’s easy to determine where to go.
  10. No but if you have new or an expensive brand or luggage....
  11. Thanks for the feedback, goldgirl2. How was the food? Did you go to Coral World?
  12. I see someone is full of....... Just kidding
  13. It’s apparent that the facilities of any of these (Boatyard, Copa, Lobster Alive, etc) are each well worth the admission cost for what you get. I wonder if food and/or drink cost vary much between them much. Obviously I’d be willing to pay more for an outstanding meal than an average one. The Boatyard won’t let you even bring an outside drink there & reviews indicate they act like the beach is their property. Can you walk down the beach, eat, and return or do you lose your chairs?
  14. The forts close at 6pm daily. I’d find a nice restaurant near your hotel/Airbnb & relax.
  15. I appreciate any uncommon tips & unique journeys. 6 months away for us!
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