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  1. Or, you decide what time suits your group the best out of the three times, 5.15, 7.15 or 9.15, and you go to the restaurant 15 minutes later, 5.30, 7.30, 9.30. There will be a line of people at the right hand door. When they close the other door, the staff ask everyone in line how many people they wish to seat, and give them a table. Really easy. We did this several times the week before last when we did not want to take our 5.15 assigned seating, and preferred to eat later. They are really friendly, and will accommodate you.
  2. Very interesting. We are travelling with my parents next week to celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary. Will MSC mark the occasion in any way, ( if we tell them of the date) or is it just that we would purchase something like a cake onboard? Thanks for your help.
  3. Can the wine dispensers in the buffet be used with the Drinks on Us package?Thanks in advance.
  4. Would be interested to know this too. Also, can the drinks on us package be used in the specialty restaurant? Thank you
  5. Thanks! I guess we will get our pedicure before departure . Appreciate the help everyone.
  6. Thank you. We would not want anything major, just thought a mani/pedi on embarkation day might be a nice treat :)
  7. Hi, we are booked on Seaside in October. We receive emails encouraging us to book spa/ beauty services in advance. It looks like manicure/pedicure cannot be booked in advance, ( unless I am mistaken..) but does anyone have a copy of the price list for these services that they can share? Also reviewed of these services would be great. Thanks in advance.
  8. I imagine it will depend on your nationality. It is only US citizens that have any travel restrictions pertaining to Cuba. Others can fully enjoy the country, the All Inclusive resorts, etc. The OP said that they were Brits. Brits have no travel restrictions in Cuba. Looking at other boards for other cruises to Havana, it seems like for the first few cruises, people ARE required to have excursions booked, but then as time passes, things get more relaxed.
  9. Is there any way to find out if the cruise you choose or are thinking about has a large charter group? Thank you
  10. Thanks so much for the detailed response, and the full review. We have booked for October 6th! Thanks again,:):)
  11. Look forward to your review. I am taking you up on that "ask me anything" offer!We are trying to plan a trip for a couple celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary. The ports don't matter too much, it is more to do with the ship, the food, entertainment, ambiance etc. The comparison reference for them would be Carnival. They enjoy music - is there musical entertainment in the bars? I think on CCL one of them enjoyed the smoked salmon/lox at breakfast. Is that an option on Seaside in either the buffet or dining room? Is there much other seafood? One of them enjoys steak/beef. How is the steak in the main dining room? I see that the cabins are smaller than on CCL. Is it much of a difference? The drinks on us program mentions red wine, white wine and prosecco. Can you confirm if prosecco was actually included? (I confess, that question is more for me!) Finally, they have age-related mobility issues, and one of them will use a small scooter. Do you think it will be possible for them to get around, or will the sheer volume of people and size of the ship make it very difficult for them? They would be traveling in October. Thanks for your help, and if anyone else can assist, please feel free to jump in!
  12. Thanks for all of the information. We are thinking of taking my parents on MSc. I am not sure if the food will suit them. My dad looks forward to the seafood, particularly Lobster and smoked salmon. I see that lobster is not included in the cruise fare, but can you tell me if you saw smoked salmon at breakfast, in either the buffet or dining room? Thank you
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