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  1. And yes, Seattle is in Washington State (not DC)
  2. Ah, another thread on Seattle hotels linked to this forum as best place to post
  3. How far in advance did you book your Seattle hotel? I've been looking at Hilton brand hotels downtown for next June, but they all show as sold out. Maybe it's too early to book that far out?
  4. I second the ocean raft alaska. Fun fast boat!
  5. Register the first day. Plus then you can tour kids area, after first day no adults alllowed
  6. But the NCL website shows one on the deck plan
  7. We wore shorts and tee shirt. Some people dressed up.
  8. fizboBunny


    Right next to each other.
  9. fizboBunny


    Not much to do in that area of town. Thats right next to the airport. Lakeside Mall has a free play area for kids in the food court. Its sponsored bu childrens hospital. Plus it has a disney store and a legi store.
  10. I’ve never stayed there cause I’m a local but I believe thats a good area. I’m over that way for work. Its right by the westbank expressway which leads straight into the city. Hattiesburg is so far. I’d want to be closer
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