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  1. Apparently CDC is soliciting input on guidelines for how the resumption of cruising should proceed. It's a bewildering array of open questions and makes one wonder if the whole nature of the experience will be so radically changed as to be unappealing. https://www.federalregister.gov/documents/2020/07/21/2020-15812/request-for-information-related-to-cruise-ship-planning-and-infrastructure-resumption-of-passenger?fbclid=IwAR1vmT7pwlxocBK41i4TCxvoLwp_SpXvfImrqnEJ4cBs0yERuvgpDWY8dfA
  2. I think all of the "perks" went out the window when we were dumped off the ship in Australia. Probably would involve too much red tape and hassle to FedEx all the luggage individually back to the US. Much easier to send it in a bulk container and sort it out at the FedEx terminal in Miami.
  3. II doubt that is a big concern now while they're still in the "stop the bleeding" mode. Besides, the buyer would have found another ship somewhere else, anyway.
  4. Luggage has been loaded into containers and is now aboard the container ship Gulf Bridge. Gulf Bridge port Itinerary Port Sail in Sail Out VUNG TAU, VN 7/14/2020 7/15/2020 SP‐SSA INTERNATIONAL TERMINAL HONG KONG, SAR , CHINA 7/17/2020 7/17/2020 HONG KONG INTL TERMINAL SHEKOU, CN 7/18/2020 7/18/2020 SHEKOU CONTAINER TERMINAL LTD NINGBO, CN 7/21/2020 7/22/2020 NINGBO MEISHAN ISLAND INTERNATIONAL SHANGHAI, CN 7/23/2020 7/
  5. Perhaps not. All things must come to an end, and this was not totally unexpected. At least Capt. Mercer was able to command her last official voyage, and they sort of retired together. And we can have the distinction of being Amsterdam's last paying passengers. What a trip!
  6. Looks to me like a luggage rack being unloaded into the shipping container.
  7. Well, at least it will be nicely pressed................🙁
  8. I'm sure Capt. Mercer has a lot of more important issues to deal with now that he is (hopefully) home again and trying to re-establish his life. I will look forward to seeing the next edition of his book with a new chapter devoted to his last cruise.
  9. I think this was referring to the $2,500 cap on travel expenses. We got a similar email and chose the cash but have yet to see the check. Everything else has been received - except, of course, luggage - so we are in pretty good shape. Bank of America will transfer our credit balance to our bank within 2-3 days.
  10. He's already written the book (I have a copy), but this new experience certainly deserves an added chapter.
  11. Maybe because it will be more convenient for repopulating with crew if/when the ship returns to service?
  12. So true! What a contrast from her "King Neptune" photo (above). 😄
  13. This was my response from HAL regarding refund of over $2,000 credit on my on-board account: "Thank you for your recent correspondence with Holland America Line. Refunds are on a delay and are expected to be completed over the next 45-60 days. Please feel free to contact us if we may be of additional assistance or visit us online. We look forward to welcoming you onboard in the near future!" Can we assume they are also taking 45-60 days to suck money out of people's accounts who owed something at the end of the cruise? NOT!
  14. It's not unusual for credits to take a week or more after the cruise to show up on your account.
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