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  1. Nan, You will love it! We sailed that cabin on our 13-day Adriatic Cruise last Summer (June 2019). All the info above pretty much parallels our experience. As mentioned the perks are pretty similar to Neptune Suite guests with a few differences. The differences we appreciated were: boarding with private escort, private behind the scenes tours (we split these up onto different days), complimentary waters and non-alcoholic beverages in the butlers pantry and the bathroom! Suite perks for both Neptune and Pinnacle we appreciated the most on this cruise were: Club Orange dedicated dining room (loved it), concierges are awesome, priority tender boarding, complimentary laundry and dry cleaning service. For the K-Dam and NS there is only one PS. I believe it is similar in size to the ones we sailed in on the Eurodam & N. Amsterdam but the layout is different. On the K-dam (and presumptively NS) the common area (living room and dining room) seems smaller and more broken up, the bedroom seem a little smaller to BUT the bathroom is much bigger with and awesome shower and spa bathtub that overlooks the balcony. Additionally the walk in closet is bigger and easier to maneuver in than on the Eurodam and N. Amsterdam. Overall I think we like the new layout better. Here is a tour my daughters did on one of our sea days... https://www.facebook.com/mike.williams.146612/videos/10157420427318827 Enjoy, Mike
  2. Thanks so much for confirmation/clarification!!!
  3. Gotcha!!! Thanks so much for the clarification. Good to know you all were not refused by DR. I was watching you all circling this morning on ship tracker wondering what was up. We are headed there next week on Holland America. Enjoy your cruise!!
  4. Looks like Carnival Sunrise & Breeze both were unable to dock at Amber Cove this morning. On Ship Tracker it looks like they are headed on to their next ports Nassau & USVI respectively. Can anyone confirm or deny this??
  5. Great to hear!!!!! Do you know if the Carnival Magic was actually refused disembarkation on your day in Grand Turk?
  6. True we are traveling with our kids also 8 years old. Everybody is healthy so I am less worried if we were to catch something BUT the quarantine is a tough one. For those of us that choose to keep our booking we better be prepared for it. Like really try and have a balcony.
  7. True very frustrating. We would not mind the half empty ship 🙂 BUT missing ports for no vaild reason (out of HAL's control) and possible getting quarantined (missing work) certainly concern me.
  8. I just saw a report that the Carnival Magic was denied disembarkation at Grand Turk stop yesterday 3/6/20. They had several patients with Flu-like symptoms but no CDC of WHO criteria for COVID-19 testing. They additionally state the Veendam was not allowed to disembark on that same day. This has to be frustrating for the cruise industry because it is probably impossible for a ship at this time of year to NOT have at least a few passengers or crew develop flu-like symptoms. We are monitoring closely as we leave on the Nieuw Amsterdam March 14th with a stop on Grand Turk March 18th. With the new updated generous cancellation guidelines we have until Wednesday to make our final go/no go decision. As of now we are going but this could be the straw the sways us the other way. It will be interesting to see if they refuse upcoming stops there in the next few days: March 9th Carnival Horizon March 11th Nieuw Statendam & Carnival Magic March 12th Nieuw Amsterdam & Carnival Breeze March 14th Azura March 16th Carnival Magic & Carnival Sensation
  9. Fredric22 please do report back. We had this benefit on our Koningsdam Med cruise last Summer and loved it. We are interested to see how well they implement it on the NA without the dedicated Club Orange Dining Room. Also could you let us know who the current Neptune concierges are? Cruising in 2 weeks and wondering if it is anyone we know from previous. Thanks in advance!
  10. Our personal preference based on our recent Koningsdam 13 day cruise. Really all options are good but for us some have advantages or disadvantages. Here is our ranking of the sit down options 1. Club Orange - Loved it. Skipped the MDR completely this cruise and loved the service and more intimate experience as well as the added feature entree each night which was always good. Breakfast was fine too and really did not feel like it was a step down from Pinnacle. 2. Sel de Mer - We ate here twice and both meals and service were excellent. 3. Tamarind - Usually our favorite. This trip ate here twice both times service was slower than expected but still good and food was excellent. The slow service may have resulted from us ordering one Nigiri Tuna for our daughter from Nami Sushi which took 30 minutes both nights. 4. Pinnacle Grill - Ate two lunches and one dinner here. Service and ambience are both great. Food good but seems like some more updated options could make it more interesting for those of us returning over and over. We had a free dinner the last evening we cancelled so we could dine in Club Orange instead. 5. Canaletto - Ate dinner here once . Food good, service good but ambience still weird being in the corner of the Lido (but better than Eurodam and Nieuw Amsterdam). We did like it and was a nice change of pace but liked other options better.
  11. From the email below. "Club Orange benefits are for the entire length of purchased cruise. If there are two occupants in a stateroom, Club Orange benefits must be purchased by both guests. Third and fourth guests sharing the stateroom with guests 1 & 2 are not required to purchase Club Orange and will receive all benefits except sparkling wine and tote bag."
  12. Garrick, We just received the same offer for our Daughters and Nanny's cabin on your same cruise. We are going to get it as I have planned to all along as it compliments the amenities we already have with our suite. The two most important amenities for us are Club Orange breakfast and dinner. We have never dined here before but have always loved the more intimate experience in the Pinnacle Grill for suites for breakfast and hope this is good too.! Note that some reviewers love it and some don't. The other is priority tenders which for our cruise really only matters for Kotor so not that big of a deal. Also keep in mind that the $35 is now cheaper than the previous $50 a person and you only pay for guests 1 & 2 in your cabin. So depending on how many cabins you have it may not be quite so much. Cheers and see you all next week. Mike
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