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  1. Good Afternoon All Just by way of a heads-up, to I am suspecting UK website users, there seems to be a sign-in issue at the moment. Having spoken to Customer Services, they are aware of the issue and are "working on it".
  2. I would be grateful for opinions on a balance payment dilemma. I’m due to be departing on Regal Princess on the 15th May 2021, with the balance payable on the 14th of this month. Now, I would be extremely surprised if this cruise proceeds and so am questioning the logic of imminently handing over thousands of pounds for a vacation that is unlikely to go ahead. If I pay and as anticipated, Princess cancels the sailing and I subsequently apply for a refund, this will doubtless take several months to receive. Alternatively, I opt for converting to yet another FCC and thousands of pounds are tied up in anticipation of an alternative itinerary that appeals (I already have another cruise booked with Princess for October this year). I understand that there are likely to be differing opinions but I would nonetheless appreciate alternative views?
  3. I think I am understanding your question. E114 (Emerald Deck) on Sky does not have not have additional berths and so "blocking the balcony door" does not apply to this cabin. You are perfectly able to use your balcony. Cabin numbers B118-B119 and B122-B123 are inside cabins anyway and so do not have balconies - I suggest the website you are looking at is incorrect?
  4. If I tell you, it will no longer be a secret 🙂 Sorry, I couldn't resist - think I have lockdown fever!
  5. I first sailed on Queen Mary in 1966 at the age of 10 and after some 50+ cruises since, nothing has really compared. Even at that age I appreciated the sheer opulence, workmanship and customer service associated with this beautiful liner. I can recall most areas of the ship, the smell and noises as if it were yesterday. The wooden promenade deck had that unique sound and at 10 years old, it seemed to stretch further than I could see. I never imagined that a ship could look so magnificent, upon boarding I remember asking my mother if we were actually on the ship yet, I thought we were still on land in some impressive art deco building. We subsequently travelled on QE2 several times and although hugely enjoyable, I somehow do not have the same recall and it never really supplied the same lasting memories. I have contemplated visiting her at Long Beach, but fear that it will somehow spoil my memories if it has been over commercialized, maybe someday I will risk it. My cruise line choices are now Cunard and Princess, but although I still enjoy cruising, they really cannot ever compare to RMS Queen Mary.
  6. Unfortunately, an email from Cunard today has confirmed a further pause in operations in respect of QM2 & Queen Elizabeth (Queen Victoria remains unchanged) - my own transatlantic on 21st May 2021 has been cancelled: "We have made the decision to cancel voyages on board Queen Mary 2 departing up to and including 28 May 2021 and on board Queen Elizabeth up to and including 4 June 2021. Queen Victoria's programme remains unaffected and she is scheduled to resume sailings on 17 May 2021" I
  7. Unfortunately, in the UK we are now only able to re-fare once on Princess and are charged £100 for the privilege! Just something to consider when booking early. The obvious advantage to early booking is securing the cabin of choice, but the fares can indeed reduce prior to departure, linked to various promotions. It's a gamble if and when to consider a re-fare as when I have done this in the past and used my "once only" option, the fare has subsequently reduced further, but I am then locked-in so unable to amend again.
  8. Many thanks Hattie - Just another senior moment on my part then!
  9. I have just noticed that there is a note (Day 1 of the Daily Programme) under "Britannia Restaurant Seating Enquiries" stating that "We regret that tables for 2 are no longer available". I am assuming that this means that they are all pre-assigned and not that there are actually no tables for 2 anymore, surely not?
  10. Just a suggestion - following the conversation with my Princess reservation representative today, who also seemed at a loss as to why so many cabins appeared "blocked out", she thought that possibly some could be released tomorrow? Worth a try I guess, I will be looking myself as had to book cabins that were not my first choice today. Albeit I am Elite and welcome the perk of having "first choice" I can also appreciate that my early booking advantage should not preclude others from booking their chosen voyages. However, as those "blocked out" cabins look to be the better ones, it would seem rather a less than logical formula.
  11. I really think that enforcement (or not) of the dress code is entirely down to the Maitre-D on each cruise. The cruising region also seems to have an influence. I have been on Princess cruises where the code is strictly enforced, having seen numerous guests turned away on formal nights and have likewise seen passengers that are dressed far from formally on other cruises been allowed in the restaurants without any issue.
  12. Just as an example of astronomical pricing - a middle of the road balcony cabin on a Med Cruise - 14 night in May - was £6603 and as I travel alone, that is crazy (100% single supplement). A Superior Oceanview was £5903. Obviously, both of these also did not include flights from the UK!
  13. Elite bookings open from today and general sale tomorrow, both with £1 deposits for these 2 days only. I have just booked a transatlantic but have to agree in respect of Med cruises, the prices are simply astronomical ! The amount of cabins that are already "blocked out" , even on the transatlantics is alarming - they are not actually booked, just "blocked out" as confirmed by my Princess reservations agent this morning. She didn't really know why this should be so, but I strongly suspect that agents have block booked. I was speaking to her the minute they came on sale and so it was impossible that for instance, 95% of the cabins on my deck were already full with actual bookings. With pricing as crazy as it appears, especially Med cruises, I am thinking I will likely proceed with plans to take my Cunard options. Are Princess pricing themselves out of the European market, time will tell?
  14. Sapphire does have an excellent Promenade Deck - there are a few steps up/down to the extreme bow, which is indeed under-cover.
  15. Do single travellers receive double credits, much the same as on Princess - so four voyages would register as eight (Platinum) for a single?
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