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  1. In late July, Viking did the same thing to us. We docked in Straubing and were bussed to Grein the following day. This made for two very long days on a motorcoach, and I was not a happy camper as we didn’t even stop in a place to tour on the way to break up the time (as they can’t get us on the next ship until 12:30 or so as rooms have to be completely cleaned for new passengers). Instead we stopped at a rest stop off the highway for 45 minutes. It was a rest stop with a gift shop and cafe, but we had just eaten breakfast on the ship. This time stalling break really bothered me and many people made it known. We also had the same after effects such as having to choose the abbey (as the ship sails on and you meet up in another port) or the scenic cruising. After many hours on a bus, we chose the scenic cruising which was a great call. We also had shortened time in Budapest, as I think we had to make new lock reservations. I agree surely Viking can come up with better logistics on the ship swaps. We did receive a small credit for another future cruise when we got back, but I am not sure we will use it. I should look at the Rhine boards to see if and when water levels may impact that itinerary as if we do use the credit, that is where I would want to cruise.
  2. Interesting. I guess our captain made the right decision to dock in Straubing rather than try to get to Passau. Tomorrow we will leave Straubing and drive to another ship docked in Grein Austria. We will then sail on the Gulveig from Grein to our regular scheduled stop in Krems. I think Thursday should be a normal itinerary in Vienna and then onto Budapest. (Assuming that area doesn’t have low waters?) I would assume that the ships departing on 7/26 are also changed since the Egil will no longer be in Budapest that day , but rather the Gulveig will be. Fascinating how all this works, but I may stick to my normal ocean cruises for a while to avoid the hassles. Although the Rhine seems to be a great itinerary!
  3. Unfortunately we received news tonight that we will be doing a ship swap on Wednesday. We left Regensburg tonight and we won’t be able to go all the way to Passau Tuesday due to low water levels , so we are supposed to dock in Straubing instead. It sounds like we will have a long bus ride/transfer trip on Wednesday to meet our new ship somewhere in Austria, but we will know more tomorrow.
  4. Interesting.. our first Viking email was a week ago (8 days prior to sailing) and we haven’t heard anything water related again except the port info for Nuremberg was sent a few days ago. Yes, Please start the group dance and prayers for rain! Stuck in Miami traffic for my overnight flight and we are supposed to start our cruise tomorrow. I’ll try to keep you all updated on any options we are given from Viking.
  5. Thank you for the additional insight. Our flight leaves tonight and we haven’t heard anything additional from Viking. At this point we are going to just proceed and hope for the best. Hopefully it will only affect a few nights. I will download some books on Germany and Austria in case I need to do some crash planning for touring on our own.
  6. Thank you. Yes, it looks like Sybil2 had great weather and it will heat up for us. It’s amazing how quickly levels can change. I see many gauge indicators on wetteronline. Are there others besides pfelling I should look at for Nuremberg to Budapest? Which website has the forecast? Thank you!
  7. This is our first river cruise and we leave Saturday 7/20 from Nuremberg to Budapest (romantic danube) on Viking. We did get an alert email from Viking one week out that ship swaps may occur. I am okay with that (if time is limited on a bus) but I am nervous about the trip turning into a bus tour or being on a bus for hours. I do have trip insurance and can get 75% of my money back if I cancel or the trip is interrupted. Hopefully Viking gives us options to back out if it were to turn into a bus tour. Has anyone sailed recently or been in a similar predicament that you can give me some reassurance? At this point it seems like we will have to fly out there and see.
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