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  1. I used to take Warfarin and I had to have my INR tested weekly. I have had it done at the medical center on 2 different Princess ships. If I remember correctly the cost was around $100 just for the test, that did not include a medical consultation as I had a letter from my doctor. I have since switched to a different medication that does not require testing.
  2. We are currently in one of these suites on the Royal. I do not find our experience with the cigarette smoke to be as bad as this (I’m sure this is voyage dependent). We have smelled smoke while outside on the balcony. It has not been bad enough to affect our use of the balcony.
  3. Thank everyone for your replies. We will be sailing in a full suite (our first time!) for these cruises. I read on the Princess website that daily complementary bottled water is provided in full suites. If so, perhaps that is why I can’t buy the water package? Because I won’t need it?
  4. The cruise will be onboard the Royal Princess, but perhaps they just won’t be offering the bottled water in Australia and New Zealand?
  5. Ok, I always order the bottled water pre-cruise to be delivered to our room. Today I am in the cruise personalizer trying to find it for our Australia and New Zealand cruises in October and November and I can’t find it. I am looking in the onboard services section under beverage packages. It isn’t there. Did it move elsewhere? I have looked through all of the onboard services categories and it isn’t there either. Has this option changed or been discontinued? Am I looking in the wrong place?
  6. Just wondering where on the Princess site this is. I couldn’t find it under the captains circle benefits page. It probably won’t help me to have it bookmarked when they say no anyway.
  7. I was on a transatlantic earlier this year. We had a large Covid outbreak onboard. They temporarily closed the self serve laundry rooms. They did reopen after a few days.
  8. I’m sorry for being dense here, but do I have to go all the way through the reservation process, entering my name etc to see the discount?
  9. I have never had a cabin near a laundry room, but I did laundry last week on the Island Princess. I went up to deck 11 because the one on my floor was busy. When I came back to put my clothes from the washer to the dryer, the washer was still spinning. The noise as I approached the laundry room was crazy. I didn’t have anything heavy or unbalanced in there. I had to leave the laundry room and wait around the corner for the machine to stop because it was so loud. In retrospect, I should have contacted maintenance about it, but I imagine the occupants of the nearby rooms probably let them know.
  10. Yes. On the Island Princess and the quarantine area is full. Numerous cabins on all decks in quarantine including one right next door to mine. It really impedes your enjoyment of your balcony when the Covid positive passengers on the next balcony are coughing, sneezing sniffling, and blowing their noses constantly.
  11. I have ordered pizza via room service on the Ruby. It is not the same as Alfredo’s or the Lido pizza. I thought it was decent and would order again if I wanted it. The day I ordered I had been sea sick with rough seas all day and it was the only thing that sounded good. I didn’t feel like getting myself together enough to leave the cabin. edited to add: it is not as good as Alfredo’s
  12. “Yes, I’ve been down there several times. It’s actually a really nice space… for a space with no windows, but there are no foam rollers and no ab balls. Elipticals, treadmills, recumbent bikes, several weight machines, and some free weights. “ Thank you for the information!
  13. If anyone has used the gym - do they have a foam roller available to use?
  14. I noticed on my travel summary that it says we will be tested at the pier before embarkation in addition to the test we take on our own before arriving. I don’t know if it will happen, but we will do whatever is required.
  15. @maggipie I’m so sorry you and your family had your vacation interrupted by covid. I hope you are feeling better. I am wondering if your daughter is of an age where she would have spent time in the kids club? If so, do you think she may have picked it up there?
  16. If your husband is not quarantined with you, can he go in person to guest services to alert them that you are not receiving services in a timely manner?
  17. On my last Ruby Princess cruise (Jan 2022) out of SF we had an outbreak during the cruise. On the last sea day before disembarkation, the port of SF required a random sample (20 or 25% if I recall correctly) of passengers to be tested before we arrived. We received a call that we had been selected and we had to report for the test that evening.
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