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  1. We went to Sabatini’s tonight as well. We were there around 6pm. It was a nice meal, great service.
  2. I ordered them for my cruise next week. I got them yesterday. The expiration date on the box is September 19, 2021. The 3 month extension makes the expiration date December 19, 2021. I want to order them for my December cruise, but it doesn’t go until December 27th so I have to wait and see if they get a new shipment of tests.
  3. I completed the survey as well. The questions were very specific.
  4. I ordered the key lime pie dessert from room service last week because I had read from someone here that it was good. It was not actually very good. I’m glad to see your detailed explanation and I will give it another try on my next ship.
  5. I have this credit as well $13.99. I have not taken 20 cruises yet. But, I haven’t been credited for 50% off the WiFi package. Tried to talk to guest services about it, but they claimed to not know what we were talking about. Will try again.
  6. We are back on the ship and out of the rain. We have had the same table for 2 with the same wait staff every night so far. We just politely asked to be taken to the same table and we were accommodated. I would say 98% of people are adhering to the mask requirements. If you are seated in a venue eating or drinking you can remove your mask. Many people had drinks at the meet and greet - maybe this is why they were unmasked.
  7. At lunch and dinner today on the Majestic we received the usual “fancy” menus.
  8. Are the self serve laundry rooms available for use?
  9. Did anyone take the Princess disembarkation tour of Seattle that ended at the downtown hotels? My hotel is not one of the ones the in the tour stops, but it is adjacent to the Pike Market (the last stop on the tour before hotel drop off). Do you think they would let us leave the tour there with our luggage? I plan to inquire at the shore excursions desk upon boarding, but I thought I would see if anyone took the tour and if they thought this was logistically possible.
  10. Majestic Princess is now “yellow status” per the cdc now.
  11. I think Celebrity allows unvaccinated children under 16 on these sailings. I haven’t seen information about the ages of the passengers that tested positive.
  12. A question for those who have read the FAQ section on the Princess website about going ashore in Alaska in 2021. How do you interpret the following: In accordance with CDC guidelines, fully vaccinated guests may choose to explore destinations independently on self-guided tours, wearing masks while indoors and following the destination’s health guidelines. I initially thought this meant we could do independent excursions, but then I was unsure. I did a live chat with a representative today but they told me they had no further information beyond this statement. When I specifically asked if “self-guided” included independent tour operators, they said, “We do not have any information yet regarding tours independent with another operator.”
  13. It means the ship will overnight at the port. You can come and go after you check in until the all aboard the next day.
  14. I just looked after I saw this post and it is available on my booking. $7.08 for 12.
  15. Do you know if the port agreements are public and can be found online?
  16. We just booked today because we thought these cruises would be 100% vaccinated. They even told us on the phone that we had to be vaccinated and would have provide proof before they would complete the booking. Now I’m finding out that there will be unvaccinated people onboard. I think I’m going to cancel. I’m not worried about getting sick, I’m just worried about a repeat of what happened to everyone on the cruises at the start of the pandemic. 🙁
  17. They don’t have the one you are looking for :( This is what they have
  18. Currently looking at the Grand from my hotel room window and will be boarding in a few hours. I will attempt to remember to take a photo of the ellipticals and report back.
  19. Interesting. I got an email today with an upgrade from a BB to B2 balcony for my July cruise. I talked to my parents and they also got an email today about an upgrade from their BB to an aft B4 balcony.
  20. I usually pick the cabin I want, but on the rare occasion I have booked a guarantee, it was assigned shortly after completing the booking. Having said that, I booked a guarantee minisuite after final payment on the Grand for December because that was the only thing in the category available to book. We are now 52 days out, the category is sold out, and we don’t have a cabin assignment. Just waiting to print luggage tags.
  21. Thanks @JF - retired RRT. I guess I will see what happens when we get there. If I can’t trade it I will gift it to someone.
  22. The promotion we booked under for our upcoming cruise on Grand Princess includes a free bottle of wine. We aren’t really wine drinkers. Do you think we would be allowed to trade the wine onboard the ship for something of similar value, like a coffee card? Has anyone done this themselves?
  23. I believe I had orders from my doctor and I did not have to pay for a medical consultation fee.
  24. Yes. I have had protime/INR tests done at the medical center on both Coral Princess and Royal Princess. The test costs around $100. Maybe as much as $120. I did not attempt to turn this expense into insurance so I can’t speak to that. I now have my own tester and I test it myself.
  25. Thank you for this wonderful thread. I am booking a cruise on the Grand in December and I loved reading about your trip. Do you remember if the Grand has “on demand” tv programming?
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