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  1. Your daughter will be included and receive the same drink package as you and your husband. It is possible to upgrade to the premium plus package in the USA (unfortunately at present not in the UK). If you decide to upgrade it is better to do it prior to boarding as it will be cheaper.
  2. Hope you and your husband have a wonderful cruise......looking forward to your updates. Just heard from someone boarding today that embarkation is running a lot more smoothly. Enjoy yourselves !
  3. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you and hope MSC UK is correct ! 🤞🤞🤞 My understanding was because it wasn't being televised on Sky they could not for licence reasons show it. There were a lot of recently disappointed English football fans on board as MSC could not show the England qualifier game (v Bulgaria) because they didn't have the licence to televise.
  4. My deepest condolences to you and your family at this difficult time......it is lovely to hear how well MSC responded in your hour of need.
  5. On the Seaview recently none of the Rugby World Cup games were televised in the Sports Bar or anywhere else on the ship (this was in the Med). On asking they said they did not have a licence to show it.
  6. If you decide to ignore the policy don't be surprised if they confiscate the alcohol/wine and return it at the end of the cruise.
  7. Yes, I can confirm they do have access. We accidentally went there when new and finding our way around the ship. We were told no problem and stay and have drink !
  8. Thank you for the review to date......really enjoying reading it and your photos are fabulous. Looking forward to hearing your perspective of Seaview. Mike will not have to walk so far for his smoke as there is a very nice area in front of the TSL where you can smoke. I loved this outside area on Seaview. It is also very convenient first thing in the morning to bring back a lovely coffee from the TSL (the butlers will usually insist on carrying it for you). I hope you have had an enjoyable day and evening in Barcelona.
  9. With reference to (c) the post cruise survey.....I received one last year but not this year. How long is it before they send it through for completion or is it no longer automatic ? I did speak to the Yacht Club director about some of our problems (and they were acted upon with some improvement) and the Maitre D' re the wine situation but in the end when it continues it wears you down and you just feel like you are continually moaning and in danger of ruining your own holiday ! At one stage with the wine I had a sarcastic comment from a waiter of "oh do we have some sort of wine expert here !? " to which I replied "no, I just know what I like and what I don't without having to taste a little bit !!"
  10. I'm feeling really embarrassed re my above post as I posted before ready and by accident (cat jumped on the keyboard !!). I tried to edit and correct but was notified it was too late. Half of it was copied and posted from something I had put on another forum (and then removed).I hope you got the gist. We enjoyed our cruise as some of the ports we had not been to before and some were a revelation to me (preconceived ideas that were wrong). We met some lovely people and enjoyed some very good evenings with them. I wonder if it is a mistake (and usually I don't) to go back to something that was so good the first time but that said the standard should not differ so dramatically. It is still advertised as a luxury experience and you certainly don't pay less. It probably sounds a 'first world problem' but even down to such things as no cushions on the wicker chairs on the pool deck (leaving you with lovely imprints when you stand), newspaper not being delivered, fruit bowl not being replenished.....it sounds petty but they advertise a luxury experience and you pay extra for it but this year it is not what was delivered. This year they even tried to restrict the wines offered at dinner. On asking for different wines it was initially met with a "no" but on insistence it was eventually offered but as if they were doing us a favour ! The cruise and experience was still better than some I have experienced on other lines. I have looked at the prices on Seashore. I looked the first day they opened to the voyager club only members. The prices were less then than they are now. We have to go in school holidays as one of us is a teacher. Initially the price was approx the same as we paid this year (YC Deluxe on both) but it is now more expensive. I would pay the price if I felt assured of getting the experience they advertise for YC but not for a sub standard service in crowded disorganised areas. Am I right in suspecting the best staff are put on the inaugural season of a ship ? It appears that MSC build up the ships reputation during this period and then lives off it after that. I was pleased to hear (obviously not for their experience) that your Norwegian companions felt similar. You do begin to wonder if it is just you. I tried to analyse if I had not been the year before would I still have been disappointed. I do believe I would have been as I read/research extensively before booking and would know the standard/service to expect.
  11. I was waiting in anticipation to read your views on YC on the Seaview. Interested as you have had a lot more experience of sailing MSC and YC than I have. I was on Seaview in YC at approximately the same time as you (we overlapped by one day). It was our second time with MSC (sailed previously a number of times with a variety of cruise lines) and both in YC on Seaview. I was so disappointed this time as last year (2018.. 6 weeks after launch) we had an excellent time and really thought we had found the cruise line that suited us best. We loved the YC experience and it gave us everything we looked for (I know all people differ in what is important to them on a cruise). This year however the experience was disappointing from embarkation to disembarking. The embarkation was disorganised and no priority for YC. We waited in a queue for 30 mins (in full sun) to leave our luggage. Once at the front of the queue the staff taking the luggage were unsure if they could take ours as we were YC. Following this a further 20 mins with everyone else for Passport control. Then directed down a slope to another tent where a further queue of 10 mins (with everyone else). On reaching second in this queue a butler recognised the YC tickets and pushed the two women at the front of the queue out the way to allow us through. Very embarrassing and in particular as once through we had to sit on wooden benches with a cup of cold water (no Prosecco/soft drinks here....just a plastic cup of water) opposite the two women that had been pushed out of the way !! This was a tender port so I had not been expecting the same as we had previously experienced but did at least expect someone from YC to meet us port side. Once on board we were taken directly to our cabins by the butler that had been on the tender boat. No welcome drink or introductions in TSL. On asking why the change I was told "there were only 5 (people) of you embarking so it wasn't worth doing". This made you feel really special!! So not a good start. Previously on the welcome drink we had been asked what time approximately we would like dinner . This year I'm not sure if anyone was asked. I was really looking forward to the launching of this ship (coin laying ceremony was held today)....but after our previous sailing on Seaview I'm hesitating on booking. Last year we sailed on Seaview and it was excellent and therefore booked again for this year (different itinerary). Both bookings were in the YC and this is what I intended to book on Seashore. I am however no longer sure. This year the YC in Seaview was disappointing compared to the previous year. The embarkation was awful....queuing for 30 mins with everybody else, then a further 20 mins for passport control with everyone else. Then queued for another 15 mins with everyone else for checking of tickets, once through there sat with a cup of water with everybody else. No welcome in the YC but just taken directly to the cabin and told that as there were only 5 embarking for YC it wasn't worth putting on a welcome in TSL !! There appeared to be less staff, service was nowhere near as good, the restaurant was a chaotic mess with most evenings waiting a minimum of 40 minutes for a table and one evening 55 minutes. The food we felt was better this year than the previous and enjoyed the menus and all the dishes we had. The pool deck was open for less hours and was often a shambles (tables not cleared, towels left discarded everywhere, ashtrays not emptied). The choice at the grill on the pool deck was far less than the previous year. The staff on the pool deck were not proactive and were a lot less attentive. There were some outstanding staff which included Alessandro the Yacht Club Director (so personable and visible), Rajiv the Head of Butlers, Randolpho our waiter in the MDR and a very good female waitress in the TSL but in general the staff were lacking. How all this relates to the original post re Seashore is I'm concerned if booking that there are a lot more YC cabins on the Seashore but the outside spaces are almost the same size. If the ratio of staff is similar to Seaview for the increased cabins the service will suffer further. The restaurant could not cope this year with the number of people and if the same size will struggle even more. The pool deck if a similar size will not be a luxury experience but a crowded mayhem. The positive to booking a new ship will be that MSC appear to put their best staff on for the inaugural season (the same as we had on Seaview 2018) .....so I'm torn on booking.
  12. You can get a virgin Bloody Mary and then order the Vodka separately and add yourself.
  13. Looking forward to your 'live from' posts and your thoughts and impressions of the YC experience on the two ships.
  14. Bea, thank you for all the advice and knowledgeable comments you contribute to the MSC board.....it has proved very useful to me. I am therefore devastated for you and your husband that your much anticipated cruise on Seaview has turned out to be less than perfect. I feel for your husband for feeling so poorly and you with all the worry and stress. I hope the treatment your husband will receive this morning is successful and you both have a safe and uneventful flight home. Get well wishes to your husband and best wishes to you.
  15. The Italian press reported the next day that a drunken Irish woman jumped overboard from the Seaview following a row with her husband. She was rescued by a brave staff member and taken to an Italian hospital. The ship was delayed leaving port by six hours while her family packed and disembarked.
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