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  1. We're on deck 13 and have the Aurea experience - I was told we're limited to deck 13 and 14. I'm happy to have a higher deck, just would prefer more sun. Thanks for your info.
  2. Thanks for the great review. We have a cabin on the "indented" part of the ship also and I was concerned that there would be too much shade - we'd prefer sun. Do you suggest we change cabins? Thanks!!
  3. Thanks for your info. It definitely won't ruin the cruise but would prefer sun. Going to think about it....
  4. We are booked in one of the Aurea balconies on deck 13 that's on the part of the ship that's "indented". Does anyone know if this balcony is shaded by the overhang above? We don't wnat shade and want to have full sun but in lots of the pictures I've seen it looks like it might be too shady. Would you recommend we change cabins? Thanks!!
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