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  1. holy cow, that was awesome!
  2. Vancouver: Our last day. We had an absolutely FABULOUS day with City Cycle Tours of Vancouver. (see TA for my detailed review) I just can't imagine a better way to experience this beautiful city. The bicycling piece of it was super easy because you stop every couple of minutes to observe and see so many things. Although we do ride bicycles at home, you absolutely do NOT need to be a regular rider, the people on our tour had kids and a few older folks that didn't have much riding experience. Again, what a day. Check out their website! We caught the 5:45pm Amtrak train to Seattle. Another bargain, I believe our tickets for one way were under $35. We ate and had a drink on the train and played a couple of games of rummy. Very enjoyable transportation. We then caught a ride to our hotel near the airport and flew out the next morning--nonstop to Omaha. This was a huge perk because it is unusual to find nonstop flights to Omaha. Yea! We finally were home, we missed our little pup! I think that about sums up the trip report. I'll try and post a review about the ship on Princess, but basically we enjoyed the cruise. We didn't feel the food was as good as previous cruises and the entertainment was okay. Neither of these were deal breakers. We will always look back on this trip as a wonderful, WONDERFUL experience --. I'm so glad we researched the ports on Cruise Critic and Trip Advisor, I think one of the reasons we had such a great trip was because we planned and did what WE loved and wanted to do. Final advice: Plan a trip doing your favorite things, check out other people's opinions, but know what you like. Yes!!!...take the trip!
  3. there are lots of places, check out where you are going to be.
  4. If you haven't done so, check out Trip Advisor for reviews on float plane operators. We loved Michelle at Island Wings as well.
  5. Okay, this isn't specific to Alaska, but we just got back and now I'm ready to combine my phone pics, the DH's pics, and the digital camera pictures into one EASY place that I can sort them in the order I wish, edit them with lighting, possible cropping, and add some text. Can I stress EASY again because I'm not very good with computers. My goal is the best pictures together (and a few videos) and let my son make a video for us. He won't know the order that I want or would do any of the editing. Then, I want to make a online scrapbook and have it printed from Picaboo, (I've use their product before) It really helps the process if the pictures have already been edited. Thanks, again, I need EASY. ;)
  6. I'm a computer mess!!! I was able to get the photos off my phone with the Cruise Critic app, but I couldn't figure out how to label them. DH is the computer person and he came down with a terrible virus the day after we got home. He hasn't been to work all week and to the doctor twice. The doctor thought it might be a mosquito bite but when I looked it up it said that Alaska mosquitos rarely carry disease. I think the likely cause it the plane ride home. Anyways, all that to say he is too sick to help me with my cruise critic pictures. I'll keep Anita's directions and see if he can figure this out.
  7. I down loaded the app and pulled them off my phone. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  8. I think internet, my laptop. By the way, I loved your review of your trip, I thought of you frequently when I was packing!!;)
  9. Thursday- Ketchikan: We again decided to splurge and do a float plane to Misty Fjords and had a 3pm flight scheduled with Island Wings. (see TA) We attempted to sleep in, (a fail) and ate breakfast and decided to try and rent some bicycles from Ketchikan Bike Rentals, a place I saw on trip advisor. (I love that site, can you tell?? :):)) We walked from the ship, it was about 10 minutes and found the place that was actually a self service type of deal. We paid the $20 per bike and went to creek street and then rode out to Saxman Totem pole park. The admission fee was $5 and we stay about 20 minutes of so before making our way back to the bike shop. The ride was 3 miles one way, ( I think) and very doable on a bike. The trail follows the coastline. We thought this was a great way to inexpensively see Ketchikan. Our float plane with Michelle at Island Wings was awesome. And, guess what?...She is from Nebraska too. (this is starting to get weird, or maybe great, I guess!!) Great flight, see her reviews on Trip Advisor. Upon returning, we had a bit of a close call as I realized I left my bag in their office and we had to go back and get it. (it had my cell phone and money in it.) This made us a bit late for the "last call" and we boarded about 10 minutes past time. There were still a few people behind us but we didn't get left. Whew, I'd rather not repeat that part of the excursion. :o
  10. I accidently duplicated my post and couldn't figure out how to delete it? Is that possible to do? I also couldn't figure out how to add pictures, I read Anita's post but still couldn't get it. I guess I'm a better nurse than computer blogger!! Wednesday: Juneau-- I had read many posts about whale watching and decided it would be worth the money to do this excursion. There aren't any whales (except a few little guys at the Henry Doorly Zoo) in Nebraska. Anyways, I was searching on Trip Advisor and ran across Alaska Humpback Adventures. Steve, the owner/ captain previously worked for Harv and Marv and when the family sold the business, he decided to go out on his own. I believe he is in his second year. Oh my goodness!!!! --what an amazing captain with a passion for Alaska and sealife. He has room on his boat for 6 but no one else booked that day so it was just my husband and I. He is so incredibly knowledgeable and experienced. BEST DECISION TO DO THIS TOUR. We saw 16 whales in our 3 hours on the water, this included 2 sets of three. He also knew the names of 2 of the whales we saw, Flame and Sasha and showed us their profiles in his binder. How cool is that?? We just loved this day. I was a bit worried about getting sea sick and so I wore sea bands and took Bonine that morning, no problems what so ever. I saw most of the trip out on the front bow so I could completely absorb the magic of the experience. Check out his website and his photography, that is what sold me on booking through him. ( I also left a detailed review on trip advisor if you want to take a peak.) After seeing the whales, Steve dropped us off at the Fish Hatchery. We paid $5 and stayed about 45 minutes. It was okay, nothing super amazing. We took a taxi back to the ship and this cost $15. We ate a late lunch on the ship and took a nap. Hey we are on vacation, right?
  11. We arrived in Whittier via the A.C.T. bus shuttle at about 4:45pm. It was raining and we quickly got our luggage handed over and made our way onto the ship. We were told that Whittier only has about 7 days of sunshine a year, I'm not sure if this is true, but I was glad we decided to spend Saturday in Anchorage instead of arriving early--we like being outdoors and we were prepared for rain, but still would prefer to avoid it! Sunday and Monday were glacier viewing days on the ship. We had warm sunny weather. The morning of Glacier Bay, we started out in hats, gloves, t shirt, flannel shirt and a down vest. It was super foggy, like we couldn't see 3 feet in front of us ( we were on deck 7). I decided to go up to 14 to check out some shopping and ... what??? It was warm and sunny on deck 14!!!! I just couldn't get over it. Within the hour, I took off my hat, gloves, then the down vest, then the flannel shirt, then by afternoon , I told my husband, "let's go get our swimsuits on and use the hot tub." We did and then got hot in the hot tub and moved to the pool. It was actually a very comfortable temperature and we swam and messed around by the pool for at least an hour. Tuesday-- SKAGWAY! I had been obsessing about watching the weather in Skagway because we had a motorcyle reserved through Inspired Rides. (TA) They assured us that we could cancel if the weather was not good. YES!!! It was warm and sunny, like we declined their offer of leather motorcyle jackets. LOL. This ride up to Emerald Lake was spectacular, I think we stopped every couple of miles to take pictures. So amazing. We stopped at Michelle Phillips dog training camp, (about 45 miles outside of Skagway) and got to see 5 week old puppies. So cute!!! We had planned on doing a cart ride but because of the heat, she was only honoring rides to the previously scheduled tours. (by then it was about 84 degrees) We were disappointed but I respect her caring more about the dogs than making tourists happy and some extra money. I would highly recommend doing the Klondike highway on your own, I realize most people wouldn't want to ride a motorcycle but there are rental cars available that you would get a similar experience. And... if you are a motorcycle person, SPLURGE and get the Harley!!!! What a amazing, unforgettable day. Absolutely thrilled that we did this in Skagway.
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