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  1. 3.5 hours seems to be the magic amount of time on hold. Once I reached the agent she was able to book an upgraded stateroom - offered a balcony for $315 more and a mini for $595. I needed to pay for the cabin and taxes immediately although the cruise is not until May 1, 2021. I questioned paying in full, and she said she needed to collect it, although the documentation I received shows the current cancellation schedule. It does show a balance due, but as Crudon said in a previous post, I think this rolls off once the casino department contacts the billing department. I received a separate document showing the OBC, wifi, drinks and gratuities so look for 2 emails once you book.
  2. I was on hold for 2 hours this morning before having to drop off the phone. I am trying again this afternoon. It's a shame that only the casino department can book this. Good to know that you can upgrade from the interior room offered! We already booked a "free veranda" on Celebrity for November, but it didn't include the drinks, wifi and tips so I'm excited to get this Princess offer also.
  3. I hot-glued my medallion to the middle of a star shaped Christmas Ornament. It was on my tree this year and now carefully packed away with the rest of my most prized ornaments.
  4. I’m currently on the Regal. The shows are: Sweet Soul Music, Fiera!, Bravo, comic Troy Thirdgill, Magician Michael Misko and a folkloric show in Cozumel.
  5. Sorry for your experience. We did a tubing excursion on the Rios Bueno and had a great time. The driver even picked us up early knowing I was anxious about completing the excursion with plenty of time to get back to the ship.
  6. I have flights booked on AA through EZair. When I check manage flights and look at the new pricing, the price has increased yet it shows my balance due as a $300 credit! I am afraid to click “continue” and lock in the new flight info in case Princess tells me it was just a glitch in the system and I actually owe an additional $106 based on the price of the new air fare. Has anyone seen this happen? The flight price increased yet the payment due shows a credit? BTW - I called Princess and they were unable to say what would happen if I clicked continue. I may get a refund or I may owe more money...
  7. I went on this excursion last year and was the only person on the tour. The guide still would not speed it up! I asked if we could at least do the loop twice and that was not allowed either. 🙁🙁
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