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  1. Sorry for your experience. We did a tubing excursion on the Rios Bueno and had a great time. The driver even picked us up early knowing I was anxious about completing the excursion with plenty of time to get back to the ship.
  2. I have flights booked on AA through EZair. When I check manage flights and look at the new pricing, the price has increased yet it shows my balance due as a $300 credit! I am afraid to click “continue” and lock in the new flight info in case Princess tells me it was just a glitch in the system and I actually owe an additional $106 based on the price of the new air fare. Has anyone seen this happen? The flight price increased yet the payment due shows a credit? BTW - I called Princess and they were unable to say what would happen if I clicked continue. I may get a refund or I may owe more money...
  3. I went on this excursion last year and was the only person on the tour. The guide still would not speed it up! I asked if we could at least do the loop twice and that was not allowed either. 🙁🙁
  4. I booked a “naked” fare during SNS and then moved it to 3 for free. The math didn’t work on paying the higher fare cuz we don’t drink that much (no special coffees, take our own bottled water, soda, and bottle of wine). Very happy to have tips and OBC instead. As it has been said - do the math and figure what works for you. Happy sailing to all - regardless of your coffee and alcohol intake! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
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