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  1. Further clarification may be needed. I’m going to be using remote desktop by Google to mirror my computer at work to look over messages and emails.
  2. My wife and I are on the splendour starting November 10 in Athens for the cruise to Miami. I will have some work to do and I was wondering about the quality/speed of the Internet connection while on board as I have an hour or two of work to be done per day (no video just text) but if it’s very slow I will have to get somebody else at the office to take care of this. If it is similar to my high speed at home then I will be just fine. thanks. Niall
  3. I’m setting up my onboard credit card account and in the drop-down boxes it mentions visa discovery and American Express but not MasterCard. I wanted to use my MasterCard is this a possibility? I emailed Viking a couple of days ago but I haven’t heard back.
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