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  1. steverhodes

    Prague or Budapest Viking extensions

    We have done both. I would definitely pick Prague. Here’s a picture from last month in Prague.
  2. steverhodes

    Viking Air Plus and Upgrading with miles

    On 4 of our Viking trips, we tried to upgrade to business using our miles. One of these was on United and 3 were on American. Never did the airlines tells us our tickets were not upgradable. On all 4 of trips we were able to upgrade to business at least one of the ways. And on one we were able to upgrade both ways to business. The reason we did not get both ways upgraded was business got sold out.
  3. This year we did the Romantic Danube July 7-14 and the Danube Waltz December 5-12. ZERO problems and no ship swaps on either. Two fantastic cruises. We have now taken 10 Viking River cruises since 2014 and never had a water problem.
  4. steverhodes

    Viking Future Cruise Vouchers

    We bought a bunch of them 2 weeks ago. Don’t know what 2019 will bring. Maybe program will keep going or maybe not.
  5. This fantastic Viking Danube Waltz trip from Passau to Budapest continues. Be sure and go on the included tour to Český Krumlov in The Czech Republic. Stunning.
  6. Currently on the Viking Vilhjalm sailing from Passau to Budapest. Great crew. Just left Passau. Here was the Passau Christmas market — took picture yesterday.
  7. We actually hope we will be bussed from Vienna to Budapest since that adds an addition day in Vienna.
  8. We are going Passau to Budapest starting this coming Wed, Dec. 5. Right now the part from Vienna to Budapest is not passable. And guess if it will be on December 10?
  9. steverhodes

    Snow coming to Vienna: 4-8” forecast

    Since we are from Texas, we only get to see snow every few years.
  10. We leave Dec. 5 on the Viking Vilhjalm going from Passau to Budapest. Last December on the Rhine we got snow. Sure hope we get some this year on our cruise. Right now Vienna has major snow headed it’s way based on the forecast I just read.
  11. steverhodes

    Will you book a river cruise for 2019?

    We already had 2 Viking River cruises in Europe booked for 2019. Earlier this month we added another.
  12. Not only is it NOT cancelled, the Viking Egil even has a few rooms open for its Dec 8 sailing.
  13. We board our ship (Viking Vilhjalm) on Dec 5 in Passau which then goes to Budapest. There is a rain/snow mix forecast in Passau for the 7 days before. Maybe just maybe we might make the Vienna to Budapest segment after all.
  14. Which ship where you coming from and which ship did you use as a hotel in Budapest?
  15. Which ship where you coming from and which ship did you use as a hotel in Budapest?