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  1. We just used a CruiseNEXT deposit to book a Gem cruise from Boston in October 2020. It was sort of a last minute decision (as last minute as one can be while booking a cruise a year out, LOL) and while I told my PCC what cabin category we wanted (Aft Facing Mini Suite with Balcony), I am waiting for the actual cabin assignment. I'm excited to have this to look forward to! It's funny, we are paying for 3 in a mini-suite on Gem, just slightly less than what we paid for 3 in a suite on Dawn last year. Yes, I am fully aware that we don't get any of the suite level perks with the mini. We'll be sailing with our then-4 year old. Anyone have any recent comments/feedback on Gem (that have stayed in mini suites in particular), that they would like to share? This will be our 5th NCL cruise, first one not on the Dawn!
  2. Which ships currently offer this event? Looks like a lot of fun! Sent from my SM-G930T using Forums mobile app
  3. I've seen some older threads, nothing in the last few years. DD will be 2 when we cruise. We have a Britax B Agile that is our every day stroller, but looking for something more compact. Considering the following, any feedback or other suggestions? Looking to stay around or under $100. Kolcraft Cloud Urbini Reversi Summer Infant 3D One (I feel like this one would be a bit more comfy for her than 3D Lite) Graco Literider LX Then I wonder if the couple lbs lighter/slightly smaller profile of these even warrant GETTING a 2nd stroller in the first place... or too similar to the one we have?? My mother in law is a fan of the true umbrella type, basically a fabric sling on wheels... no thanks, not for me. Sent from my SM-G930T using Forums mobile app
  4. This is an honest question. So many people talk about how they love cruising with their kids (ours will be 2) because they can drop the kids off at the kids area/"daycare" if you will, while they enjoy alone time, dinner, a show, etc. Understanding of course that programs, ages etc will vary by ship and line. Is anyone else like my husband and myself; in that we think the idea of a family vacation is to spend time AS A FAMILY and not pawn our daughter off on some strangers that are hired to work in the kids area of a cruise ship?? Admittedly we haven't used a sitter yet (my SIL has watched her the few times we have gone out, and it is mostly after she is asleep anyway), maybe we are just weird. We've already discussed either just turning in early when she goes to bed or maybe alternating - like one night I stay in and he goes out, then we switch. Thoughts?
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