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  1. Ok, thank you for the various points of view and considerations. I did not realize that I could call and get a better deal if I saw one as time passed. The bankruptcy concern is definitely there, but I think that if all I would lose is $250 that isn't terrible. I would not want to lose a huge deposit though. Ideally, I'd lose nothing and go on the cruise, but these are definitely interesting times!
  2. @complawyerthank you very much for the reply and confirming my suspicions!
  3. Hi! I'm new to NCL, I've previously only sailed on carnival. My husband and I would like to take a cruise around Hawaii in the future and have been looking at the NCL sailings. I was pricing some of the dates in late 2022 or 2023, but the sale doesn't seem to actually be that much less. For those of you familiar with NCL, is the current deal that good? Or did the original price listing for the cruises just be marked for higher to show some false savings? Curious as to others thoughts and what great deals from NCL I should try to catch. Thank you!
  4. I tried to search for this so I'm sorry if it's been asked and answered many times, but I didn't see it. When making a reservation request for the steakhouse online a message appeared saying that an email would be sent once the reservation was confirmed. How long does that process typically take? We filled out the form a few days ago and never received a confirmation email and I just wanted to make sure that is normal. Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
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