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  1. When the lady Christin talked of "her wife" , it took a while until I understood....
  2. Indeed Jimmy is forthcoming, extremely visible with great interaction with the guests
  3. christi1805

    Do flights to Barcelona ever go down?

    Prices usually go down when the plane goes down. But let me assure you that flying is safer than a car ride to your travel agent.
  4. Raj just looks over the shoulder and his answer is - YES
  5. Does anybody know where Bill Brunkhorst is, or will be ? He was CD on the Splendour before she was sold .... Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  6. Nope .... illegal immigrants Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  7. christi1805

    Current Concierges continued discussion

    Mohammed is in SL ! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  8. christi1805

    Funniest Complaints Heard While Cruising

    As it happens right now and here on CC in the Harmony TA thread: "We have arrived in Madrid! Only problem, I can't figure out where the cruise port is located. "
  9. christi1805

    Update on Harmony Life Boat

    ...........or - the life boat is not damaged and just being withheld by the French authorities as they are still investigating the accident?
  10. christi1805

    Update on Harmony Life Boat

    As seen (or should I say not seen) last week in Palma the life boat was still missing. From the booking prices I guess that the transatlantic voyage will be close to full capacity and I wonder whether they replace the life boat until this reposition cruise from Barcelona to FLL? What is the capacity of the missing life boat?
  11. As a European Schengen Passport holder, coming back from the USA, I asked a German border police officer to handle all US citizen reciprocal and have them wait up to 2 hours until screened. He answered that "we are not that paranoid like INS and will handle all US citizen within 2 minutes". He also pointed out that in the computer netted age, all information is available for the officials for a speedy process. US airports are a pest, with wait times up to 2 hours. Last week the only ever exception was Chicago's O'Hare: wait time 5 minutes only. Big kudos to ORD. For other than US cruise ship pax in FLL or MIA ports: from 30minutes to 3 hours! Good luck with paranoia
  12. christi1805

    New cancellation policy

    A very generous 90 days new cancellation fee (-policy) for US. All over in Europe (Australia?) we are required a 10% down payment immediately at time of booking and the down payment is non-refundable when cancelling.
  13. christi1805

    Cruise with 300 Pinnacle

    Nice screenname- you seem to live up to the true definition of alter ego. Besides that- Royal treats suite guests and pins equally because both are vital parts of their business strategy. Suite guests pay like 10000$/suite and may show up a couple of times over their cruise lives. Pins probably have paid a solid six digit $-number to reach the status. Thats why RCCL serves both groups equally. If you do not like it- take a break or do some land based vacation until you are sure a cruise has less than 300 or so pins onboard...
  14. christi1805

    Cruise with 300 Pinnacle

    Looks like you are a (dining) chair hogger. I guess your flexibility will be seriously tested to visit other great elegant onboard restaurants. I admit though-you need to step out into the real world and mingle with the ordinary people....
  15. I have friends who were on this cruise and had NO Indian Visa at check-in in Dubai. They said there were forms issued by RCCL that had to be signed for those with NO Indian visa, requiring them to stay onboard when sailing into Indian ports- and that was it. So no Indian visa necessary when you stay onboard the ship?