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  1. We are on the same cruise, do you think it will go ahead?
  2. We are booked on a HAL Australia circumnavigation cruise in December 2021 - we are on the southern segment of the cruise, leaving from Perth and docking in Sydney Dec 22. After this it heads to NZ. Although this cruise doesn't enter international waters, is it still unlikely to go ahead due to the ship having to travel here from another country? Also a lot of the travellers booked on the cruise are from the US. I'm not very hopeful of it going ahead.
  3. We board our cruise on the Maasdam today and I have another question in relation to the bottle of wine we are allowed to take on board - my son is 19 years old and over the legal drinking age in Australia - is he able to take a bottle of wine on-board? I know HAL operates under the American system where the legal age is 21 - just curious if this rule still applies in Australia? Many thanks.
  4. Can anybody recommend any good tour company's in Port Vila? We are looking at a day trip to see the main sights - Cascades/Blue Lagoon/Swimming with Turtles - but are looking for a reputable tour company - thanks.
  5. Does anybody know if the Lanai cabins on the Maasdam have fridges in them?
  6. Another question re the bottle of wine we are allowed to bring on board - are there fridges in the cabin to chill the wine as I'm thinking of bringing a bottle of champagne? We are sailing on the Maasdam - many thanks.
  7. Thanks for your help everybody - I telephoned the 1300 number of HAL in Sydney but unfortunately the cruise is fully booked. They advised me to ask at check-in if there had been any last minute cancellations which she said happens quite often. She did say though that she had not heard any complaints about cabin 370 so maybe it will be OK 🙂
  8. There are no other cabins available in the category we booked in. We sail in 3 days - I'm hoping that if it's too noisey HAL might be able to move us if there is another cabin available in another category.
  9. Thank-you so much!! I was worried it was the 'Conditioning Shampoo' which I've had on other cruise lines.
  10. Do HAL supply separate shampoo and conditioner? We are sailing on the Maasdam in a few days - thank-you.
  11. What's the chances of being able to change your cabin if it's under the galley? We are in 370 and I think it's under the galley - we didn't realise when we booked it!!
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