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  1. Was on Allure in Oct 2018. My parents in the next door cabin (same steward) asked and got their ice bucket filled twice a day. We had no use for it, and did not ask, and ours was not filled. all is good.
  2. My husband and I (close to 60 yo) sailed on the Allure in Oct 2018. We let a ship's photograph take a pic of us during dinner, and later in the sailing saw the printed pic at the Focus photo shop. We were surprised at how good we looked, seemed wrinkles were smooth, jaw lines tightened, blemish evened out. I honestly think the picture was edited by the ships photography services ! Do you think they ship's photo area edits pictures to increase sales ? And yes we bought the picture (actually free since Diamond).
  3. Off Allure on 10/14. Chops was way too loud, and poor service. Gio was better, but honestly the MDR was the best. I am skipping the Dining Packages/Speciality dining in the future
  4. We have booked 1868 on Adventure in the new cabins on deck 12. Interested in any feedback, opinions like noise level. traffic, view, location, effects of the sun deck above, what happened to the jogging track that I think used to been the area occupy by cabins, etc. thanks.
  5. I uploaded our photos, but I sure don't remember the "white" background requirement (and I read fine print disclosures for a living). Maybe a plain background. But not white. Of course I may have missed it.
  6. Seems like both paths, cruiser uploading photo or just waiting and letting the check in person take it at the pier, are available.
  7. To mscinmia.....since you work port everglades and Allure, thought I would repost a question I had: I am sailing on Allure 10/7 from Fort Lauderdale. My husband and I have expedited arrival. My 90 year old parents who are traveling with us, but under a SEPARATE reservation/cabin, do NOT have expedited arrival. My intention is to walk all four of us over to the Expedited Arrival area/person. If they can do both reservations via Expedited (including my parents), then great. If not, then my husband and I will get the Expedited, and then we will stand in line with parents in the check in regular line. If anyone sees a flaw with this plan.....chime in !
  8. First, yes, yes, we all love kids, but.... I have found the best time to cruise without school/college age kids is from the Monday after Thanksgiving to mid-December. And the best cruise lines for less kids are Celebrity and Holland.
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