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  1. No we had no OBC and we hadn't put money on the account. That's why it's so odd. We assume it's to do with the Internet refund.
  2. Thank you Leck. We were both looking at it, and had calculators and it just didn't make much sense to us lol. Hopefully we get it on the card as a cheque in dollars won't be much use to us in the UK.
  3. I think I'm being a bit stupid but I cannot work out our final stateroom account from our recent cruise. What does "referred to corporate finance mean"? Can anyone help? I have attached a redacted (for names) screenshot of the final account.
  4. Yes an observed lft (or pcr depending on vaccine status) is required before boarding. There is a dam health in Southampton or you could do an online test. I assume though you won't have a car etc..... at the port so that may be am issue for dam health. You could order one for online from where you are based now ?
  5. From what I have read they are doing morning, afternoon and evening sessions so you have to pick them up for meal times. I think the meal times are 1-2, 5-6.
  6. Oh wow! She will absolutely love that! Arts and crafts is her thing totally! I was hoping it wasn't just sat on computers or watching films all day and this sounds absolutely perfect. I will be dragging her off ship I think, and may need an extra case to bring stuff home. Thank you so much for this.
  7. Just a bump incase anyone can help.
  8. We are boarding sky princess next week and we have a very excited 5 year old about the kids clubs. She keeps asking what sort of activities they will do for that age group and I wondered if anyone could help me out so I can tell her. She likes to know things in advance so it will help her settle if she knows what they are likely to do. Thank you very much on advance for your help. xx
  9. I dont trust that they can count currently! We are keeping it as the Wednesday. It is within 72 hours of boarding for us and that is 3 days and I know plenty of others who have boarded with tests on the Wednesday. If the worst happens we will test at the port, but I find that very unlikely.
  10. Are they flowflex tests? If so then yep they are allowed as that's what dochq have sent out to us and they have been accepted by many people before us on board.
  11. Confusion reigns on a cruise Facebook group! Princess sent an email to a passenger saying 3 days means tests can only be taken from the Thursday before a Saturday departure date. We have ours booked for the Wednesday, and now everyone with Wednesday bookings are panicking! Can someone confirm that the Wednesday before a Saturday departure is fine?
  12. I thought most lines take it and hold it till the end of the cruise. Not charge you for it. I have had that happen on RCL and P&O. I have to tried on Princess as its our first cruise with them this year.
  13. In the UK it is 2 primary vaccines and 1 booster to be considered fully vaccinated. Some groups were given a 2nd booster (mainly extremely vulnerable and over 75s). My husband and I have had 5 vaccines and I'm hoping it doesn't confuse them at check in! We have so many sheets to our NHS certificates. We were on a vaccine trial and then had to have approved vaccines to be able to travel and then had a booster. I don't recommend 5 in a short space of time (less than a year for me!) We were very ill.
  14. That would make her very, very happy. Is that in the MDR?
  15. Oh no! We were really looking forward to trying it!
  16. We want to book planks for 1 of our nights on board and wondered if they do a children's menu for our 5 year old? She will pick at the meat i would think but some of it might be a bit hot or spicy for her. Any ideas?
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