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  1. Hi all, I'm just starting to look at Hurtigruten for a potential trip in 2022 (because if I can't travel, I can at least PLAN travel, right?). I'm pretty confused because I see a few options on their website--the traditional coastal trip with the 34 short port stops, and then these other expedition itineraries going from Bergen to Honningsvåg round-trip, with longer stays in a smaller number of ports. These are the ones called "On the Cusp of Spring," "Summer Along the Coastline," etc., on the US site. These latter itineraries are interesting to me because it seems like they have some aspec
  2. I'm curious about this too; they didn't even stamp our passports on our last Hong Kong layover (and we left the airport!) so it may not be easy for them to tell, and I'm not sure a cruise line would get ready access to a governmental system like immigration data.
  3. I stayed in 8586 in August 2019 and had similar noise concerns, but I was happy to find that the fire doors were closed every night by 9pm. We were never in the room during the day to comment on that noise, but I can confirm that we had no trouble sleeping.
  4. It's a bit frustrating because it's also a self-fulfilling situation. They moved MTD so that it starts later than many would prefer. This leads some guests to switch to early dining (my family did so on our upcoming cruise on Harmony, even though we don't love the idea of eating at 5pm). This switching then makes RCL think that early dining is so popular that they need to continue holding back room and keep MTD starting so late. We would much prefer to eat around 6 but that's simply not an option in the MDR.
  5. I just used Valizo today, as we disembarked and had a late (5pm) flight. It all went smoothly. They strongly encourage you to use the traditional disembarkation and not walk your own bags off as they don't want to spend the time meeting you in the terminal. Also the terminal staff wasn't aware of the arrangement and told us that no one is allowed inside and we should take our bags ourselves and meet Valizo outside instead. This is not true, as we were approaching our bags we saw someone with a Valizo vest grab them so we knew they would be fine. We got to the airport a
  6. Fantastic! Thanks for reporting back for future travelers.
  7. No, we plan to take a taxi to the train station and take the train ourselves.
  8. We're stopping in Fredericia this year and are planning to visit Jelling. Hopefully I'll remember to report back. I think the itinerary next year is a little different, but for our cruise, we chose this because it's the only stop where we'll be venturing out into the countryside--most other days will be spent either touring a city or walking through some sort of "Old Town" area. We're planning to visit the Café Sejd in Jelling too, looks pretty charming. We did want to try the bridgewalking but they aren't offering a tour in English on our day.
  9. Also this is the Airluggage email I received if anyone's curious:
  10. I was disappointed to receive an email today that my Airluggage booking is being cancelled as the company is ceasing operations. Nothing is on their website yet and my cruise doesn't arrive in Copenhagen until August so maybe it's not immediate. I'm looking for alternatives as our flight leaves at 5:00 pm on disembarkation day. I found Valizo which is a similar delivery service, but it seems like they have a flat fee for up to 4 bags and we only have 2 so it's nearly twice the cost of our Airluggage booking. Otherwise, I found Luggage Hero or BagBNB, which seem to rent spaces i
  11. If I book directly through RCCL, will the fare information be available through the website for anyone who links the reservation? I'm planning to take a couple of family members along on my next trip and I want them to be able to access cruise planner to make entertainment reservations and get ideas for shore excursions etc, but I don't really want them to click on the "make a payment" link and see how much balance is outstanding if I'm footing the bill! Same question goes for booking through a travel agent--my understanding is that it's not possible to make online payments in tha
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