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  1. February 3 - 13 Silver Wind - anyone on this one?
  2. Thanks so much! Can't wait for my trip!
  3. Hi there - sailing on the wind in February 2020. My cruise documents say embarkation is from 14:00 - 16:00. My flight arrives much earlier than that so wondering if I could actually get on earlier or will I have to find something to do to kill time? Thanks for any input!
  4. Hi there - am considering splurging and booking royal suite on the Wind. Any comments about it would be appreciated? Extra perks with suite? Champagnes etc... Do you get sun on balcony? Too big for solo traveler? Many thanks for any input!
  5. Thanks! I think I read somewhere that there are different champagnes/wines available for royal suite that aren’t available (Unless you pay extra) for medallion. Do you know if this is the case? Thanks again for your help!
  6. Can anyone comment on inclusions for Royal Suite (Wind) that would make it a better choice than say a medallion suite? Thanks!
  7. Hi there - why do you prefer La Dame on a formal night? Any particular reason? Thanks:)
  8. Hi There - I'm doing the Wind in February 2020, 10 nights. Can you clarify what you mean about the people "in the know" in terms of champagne? I love champagne! Thanks
  9. Thanks Lois! Can’t wait for February!
  10. Lois - do you think that eating in the mdr later is easier for getting a table by yourself? I'm doing Silver Wind in February and want to enjoy all of the restaurants. I am also a bit shy so won't ask to sit with others and I don't mind eating alone. Just wondering if there is a time when restaurants aren't as busy? Thanks for all of your contributions!
  11. I have had some issues as well. I booked directly with SS. I emailed my consultant after making the initial deposit but didn't hear back. When I called, I found out that he isn't working there anymore and had a new person. I have sent emails to her and haven't heard back. I did receive confirmation about my booking and can access my account through the mysilversea.com link. However, I still have questions and they are not being answered. I don't think I will book directly with them again.
  12. No, Detroit Lions (sadly lol). I think I've decided to go with silver sea feb 3-13 as a solo! Sounds like fun and lots to do even if I am all alone!
  13. I'm about to book Silver Sea Wind Feb 3 - 13, 2020. Solo traveler! How is Silver Sea with solo's? I've done Viking solo and it was great. I'm mid 40 ish female!
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