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  1. Not sure why this is a big deal. The bartenders and servers would literally ask if our daughter wanted anything sometimes and ring them up that way. It was not like we were hiding anything or trying to get one over on Carnival by sneaking drinks. Most of the time she drank the juice cartons we brought on the ship ourselves.
  2. Really just depends on how much you drink. Just got off the vista on a 7 day with the cheers package and it was definitely worth it. Counted around 150 drinks between me and my gf not counting the first day. At an average of $10 a drink I think we did alright. Also helped with the occasional soda or milkshake for my daughter
  3. We don’t plan on doing an excursion while in Belize so we were thinking of doing shopping and having lunch somewhere. Doesn’t have to be In the tourism village
  4. Trying to decide where to park for my upcoming June 18th sailing on the Carnival Vista. Is it terminal 1 or 2, or does that change some sailings? Trying to decide to either do the official garage if terminal 1 and their express lot if terminal 2.
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