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  1. You're right Suzieanna, they are most definately not healthy. The whole English breakfast experience is anything but healthy. I think I had a full English about four times on my two week cruise. I couldn't possible have one every day. I prefer Porridge!! But, if you are going to have an English breakfast, then you may as well do it right and the Golden Triangles are an absolute must in my opinion. The omlettes on the Azura (in the mdr) took ages and were not worth the wait in my opinion. Anyway, the next time your hubby has a full English with a GT take it off him, tell him how unhealthy they are, and enjoy it yourself :)
  2. I've just returned from a cruise on the Azura and have resurrected this old thread to update it. The dark days of are behind us, the storm clouds are no more. Rejoice brothers and sisters for I can tell you today, from personal experience, that the golden triangles (fried bread) have returned to the full English breakfast on board the Azura. For now at least it seems as though sanity has prevailed. well done Pando. Mike
  3. My hearing isn't what it used to be and my wife's English isn't that great so we always go with freedom and request a table for 2 and are happy to wait. I would otherwise spend most of the evening asking people to repeat themselves or just nodding in agreement to whatever was said. We tend to eat between 6.30 - 7.30 on board so we hardly ever have to wait, and when we do have to wait, we take the pager to a nearbey venue and enjoy a nice pre dinner drink. I personally hate the idea of having to be at my table at a certain time. I'm on Holiday after all. Unlike some posters we don't go on a cruise to meet people or make new friends (although it has been known to happen). We've only ever done Club Dining once and although the people on our table were great it's not something we really like. I'm quite happy to be on a ship of 4000 People and yet be "alone" with my loverly wife the entire time.
  4. mds143

    Brittania or Azura

    We've been on Azura many times. We've been on Brittania once (last Christmas) and had a great time. Overall we prefer Azura and have booked Azura for our next cruise. We prefer the MDR on Brittania, which is quieter than the MDR on Azura and we definately feel that the buffet restaurant is better layed out on Brittania (although we almost always eat in the MDR). There's more room on the balconies on Azura and we prefer the main pool area on Azura which we didn't like on Brittania (to big). Generally we find the athmosphere on Azura better (whatever that means). Service and food are excellent on both ships. You can't really make a mistake and book the wrong ship though, as they're both wonderful.
  5. mds143

    P & O Alcohol Policy

    Tosh it is not! Surely you're heard of this case from August? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6047315/Mother-jailed-Dubai-having-glass-wine-flight-Gatwick-makes-tearful-plea.html It was all over the news. The thing is, if the local authorities want to they can arrest you for possession of alcohol (even if it's only in your bloodstream). I wouldn't go near the place (with or without alcohol). Regards MIke
  6. mds143

    Service charge ending!

    Am I missing something? 14 x £7 = £98 £98 x 2 = £196. Although: 24 x 7 = 168! (did you hit a 2 instead of a 1 on your calculator?)
  7. mds143

    Free WiFi

    It seems like a lot of people are addicted to social media. I feel sorry for the people who have to access it for work even when they're on Holiday. I'd hate to be on a ship where there was unlimited Internet and I certainly wouldn't want to help pay for it. There's so much to do, get out and experience reality :)
  8. mds143

    drinks package on Azura

  9. mds143

    Don't go on cruise without?

    - My Kindle (loaded with tons of stuff) - Nail clippers. I hate it when my nails get above a certain length (being a bloke). - Quality sliced cheese - since they took it off the room service breakfast menu. I was also going to make a joke about taking a spare pair of underpants on cruises in excess of 7 days, in case something happend to my main pair. But I thought it might seem a tad tasteless and decided against it. This is P & O after all :D
  10. mds143

    35 day round trip or 2 x14 day fly cruise?

    Can't comment on Marella but as a working person I'd go for 2 x 14 nights with at least a month in between. In fact I did that last year and it was great (I went with P&O though as I like the experience). If I were retired I'd go for the 35 nights because I don't like the jet lag. Also you tend to get a larger diversity of pasengers (agewise) on the 14 day fly Cruises, which you may or may not like. I'd guess a 35 day cruise from and to Southampton would be almost exclusively 65+ (someone please correct me if I'm wrong on this). Personally I prefer a mixture of age groups on the ship (teenagers not so much). I think it's also worth mentioning, that the cruise line is just as important as the itinery. That's the main reason I stay (relatively) loyal to P&O.
  11. mds143

    New Ship

    The lack of pools is also a standard AIDA Thing. I doubt Pando will be copying that "feature" either. Regards Mike
  12. mds143

    Taking alcohol on board

    I'm not sure it has all that much to do with how well off people are. Probably just a "tight-fistedness" issue. Some of the most tight fisted people I know are quite well off.
  13. mds143

    Hypothetical question

    The answer to your hypothetical imho is that they would do exactly as you have suggested. I'm not sure what the policy is re premium seats, maybe someone can comment on this (I'm pretty sure it'll have something to do with suits). meanwhile back to the real world... If you show up having not booked seats and there are 2 unbooked seats next to each other on the plane, I'm pretty sure they will do their utmost to seat you and your partner together. I remember one flight where a gentleman got quite irrate with the stewardess because he wasn't able to sit next to his partner.
  14. They seemed to come fast and furious on Azura last year. I think we had 3 that happened every other day which was a bit much for me. :) They were all done before we got to saint maarten (St. Lucia this year) which is on 30th Oct.´ So If your're on the Azura I'd go for: - 22nd. - 25th. - 27th. - 29th. On Britannia that might be: - 29th - 1st - 3rd - 5th But I may be wrong! :D I don't remember the Select Dining venues being all that full on Azura last year, so you should be okay waiting until you get on the ship and booking then. Don't know about Britannia though. Have a great time.