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  1. SHIP: Solstice CABIN #: 1112 DECK #: 10 CLASS: CS AREA: Mid Ship BED NEAR: Separate, on left hand side of cabin QUIET?: Very. BALCONY VIEW: Unobstructed, on hump. Great views BALCONY SIZE: Good - double size with table, two chairs plus rattan lounger WIND A PROBLEM?: No more than normal but wind noise on high seas day could possibly be a problem for anyone sleeping in sitting area but no wind noise heard when in the separate bedroom SOOT A PROBLEM?: None noticed PROBLEMS/COMMENTS: Good cabin and no noise from atrium or anywhere else. Very creaky in high seas but managed to stick bits of card in offending bits of the panels which helped enormously. Beware the door stop in the bedroom. Stubbed my toe on first morning and thereafter covered it (the door stop!) with a shoe. Also needs a hook or wedge for walk in wardrobe to keep door open so take your own wedge.
  2. Glad you asked this question. As a very late newcomer to iPad, I hadn't realised there was a difference. Going to have to get an adapter now. :rolleyes:
  3. Thanks Linda. Think we'll save the cashmere wash for home. Might just have to buy another before we go to keep me going. Oh dear, how sad - such a shame!!
  4. Glad to hear that! Anyone know if dresses, tops and knitwear come on hangers too and could I trust my cashmere jumpers with the laundry team? Thanks
  5. That ties in with what my TA told me - that some TAs may advertise OBC as if it were being supplied by them but it was in fact a cruise line offer. Perhaps some TAs are better negotiators with Celebrity?
  6. Deleted due to hijacking by predictive text. Grrrr!
  7. Thanks for the reply. I think that if we cruise again, we will shop around the TAs and try to play them off each other!
  8. Interesting to hear yet again of "TA provided OBC". Having read of this on many posting on CC, I asked my own TA If there was any OBC she could offer us on our not too cheap trip and her reply was that she'd never heard of such a thing and in any case there was no facility for her to access our celebrity account to apply any such discount. Perhaps this is not done in the UK? Anyone else in UK managed to wangle some OBC from their TA?
  9. I've asked this question before but got no replies but as its relevant to this thread, I'll pop the question again which is: is there a plan showing crew doors/server points etc? Like everyone else, we choose our cabin very carefully and we'd like it to be an informed choice. I feel for the folks who've paid out for their holiday to have it marred by constant banging doors and crew noise.
  10. Thanks for the reminder. We paid our trip in full at our TA office two weeks ago. They said funds would have to clear our account, then their own account before it would officially show as paid in full. (In this day and age, why do we have to wait for 'funds to clear!) TA said they'd then issue a final invoice and e docs then we could get our heads together to plan and book the trips, book restaurants and spa treatments all of which we have done ourselves - months ago! Not heard a dickie bird from them since. Not sure why we involve a TA. Next time I think we'll deal direct with Celebrity or use a UK based US agent. Sorry to hi-jack the OP's thread.
  11. Here's PDF of just pillow page. Thanks - much appreciated
  12. I realize the JPG is difficult to read. Thanks for taking the trouble to post this info. I am struggling to read the pillow menu but can make out the 'hypo allergenic' option in the middle of the three options. Could you tell me briefly what the other two options are? Thanks. (Like another poster, feather pillow are just a no-no for me)
  13. I agree. Sad to say I saw a lady come out a the toilet cubicle, by-pass the wash hand basins, grabbed the door handle and exited. This was in a hospital!! Can you recall if the taps in the cloakrooms on Celebrity have sensors/have paddle type handles or are just twist and turn? Twist and turn are not hygienic at all and I always use issue to turn them off (after having washed my hands) and to touch the door handle.
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