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  1. For anyone needing toilet stops on British ports of call, we have found that some toilets in tourist areas now do contactless card payments, well they did cost 50p.
  2. Fresh milk as I don't like long life milk, it lasts about 5 days in the cabin fridge so I restock when in port. . But now that I have discovered ginger tea which doesn't need milk, I might just take that.
  3. swaddy


    Instead of packing cubes, I made an assortment of cloth bags, like pump bags but with the end boxed. I roll socks or underwear and pack into a block shape. One bag for each set. They pack well and can easily be adjusted for size. Other bags are used for chargers, or assorted bits. Keeps everything tidy, bags for in drawers or on shelves.
  4. Yes, stayed at Alvastone. Like the dining arrangement, pre-covid, where your dining table was also your table for the evening entertainment. Not far from Chester for a ride out. Overall, most of the hotels are of a similar standard.
  5. Refund for shore excursions came through today, 4 days after our cruise refund. Applied for April 23rd, should have sailed yesterday . Seems that I got of lightly compared to some. predictive text changed excursions to excuses, was tempted to leave it.
  6. Full amount refunded to bank card for Baltic cruise in June. Details via email. Shore excursions refund due as separate transaction in a few days. My thanks to the previous posters for keeping my spirits up and showing that things were progressing even at snail's pace.
  7. There is also a seperate, not on display, full vegetarian menu which is available on request. Never seen a kids menu.
  8. As first timers, the shore excursions provided by P and O might suit you. You will know that you are insured and that in an emergency, you will be helped. Also, the ship would wait for you which it would not do if you were under your own steam. you get exactly what is detailed on the excursion, I have talked to people who hired a taxi at the dock gates and were then disappointed because they did not get what was promised. Others have had a great time.
  9. 're no more sex. A daily paper in the UK today reported that Holland banned all sex workers 8 weeks ago but they are now petitioning to be able to resume work. They suggest being restricted to two named positions that do not require face to face interaction. As well as condoms, face masks were to be worn. Other hygiene precautions to be instigated. So now you know.
  10. It is a relief to finally get an acknowledgment that my refund is in the queue. 60 days is the third week of June, hoping it will come in time for my birthday at the end of June. Wouldn't that be nice.
  11. Shops stripped here in South Derbyshire but one Nisa shop is taking orders from health workers for collection later. Many of the pubs and restaurants are advertising delivery or collection by drive through service for hot meals. Got Luckily we have lots of local country walks which are not crowded. Saw wild cowslips in the hedgerows , pussy willow and blackthorn yesterday.
  12. If they disembark the day after Mothering Sunday, then an expensive flower arrangement would be awkward to bring home, be more cost effective to be in the cabin when they embark.
  13. P and O stopped the default tipping last year. There is no requirement to tip. I don't suppose that anyone would say no if you were to offer to tip your cabin steward or wait staff in addition, but it has already been taken care off. They do like you to give them a good recommendation for service on their surveys as this makes a difference to them . For exceptional service you can fill in a card from reception which goes towards employee of the month .
  14. As soon as they are on the website you can book them We booked a few weeks ago for our cruise in June. Some were already showing as limited.
  15. Found it easier to sort out the excursions on my laptop , didn't get anywhere when I tried on a tablet.
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