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  1. SkyMaster

    Medallion Dining Question

    HA! He might not be expecting it, but it sounds like he's gonna get it! I always check to see what my dining arrangements are when I board...
  2. SkyMaster

    Tampa priority embarkation question?

    All of the above info is correct, and I too think it's a waste of money for you to purchase FTTF. I'd damn sure cancel that, and get your money back. Captain Carnival will take good care of you boarding in Tampa. Just seek him out, and introduce yourself. "SKY"
  3. SkyMaster

    We've gone and done it!

    I too, think this sounds like a GREAT idea, and plan. Doing the cruise after Disney is also well thought out, and is no doubt the way to go. Wish I could join you. LOL "SKY"
  4. SkyMaster

    Best Serenity Area... Which ship?

    Yep, I HATE when that happens, but unfortunately, it can happen on any ship. "SKY" Ken
  5. SkyMaster

    Best Serenity Area... Which ship?

    I personally LOVE the Serenity Deck aboard the "Fantasy Class" ships. No, they don't have a pool, but do have two hot tubs. They are on the aft end of the ship, and are truly serene, because most of the passengers don't even find that area until the end of the cruise, (if at all.) Nice quiet area to chill out on, read a book, listen to your I-Pod, or just enjoy the sound of the sea. "SKY"
  6. SkyMaster

    Waitlisted 6:00pm dining???

    Yep,,,your best option, IMO, is to head over to see the Maitre'd on embarkation day, and request (very nicely) a change to early seating. (That is if you don't get it assigned when you get your "sign-n-sail" card.) I've had very good luck doing this, and almost always get my requested change. Check with the Guest Services desk, or even the FunTImes for the exact spot, (which dining room) and the time he/she will be there taking requests. Good Luck! "SKY"
  7. SkyMaster

    Paradise or Victory? Help me decide.....

    I vote for "Paradise", and especially since her recent dry dock. Embarkation/Debarkation MUCH easier at the port of Tampa. Longer cruise is ALWAYS better, and I've found the crew aboard "Paradise" to be truly outstanding. "SKY"
  8. SkyMaster

    Carnival Cabin TV Channels

    IMO,,,Bottom line. There is absolutely NOTHING on cabin T.V. that anyone would want to watch,,,,,but why go on a cruise to watch T.V. in your cabin anyway? "SKY"
  9. SkyMaster

    Carnival Steakhouse all you can eat?

    I agree with those above, and have to say that IMO you'll get plenty of GREAT food anyway. I personally, usually wind up taking my desert back to the cabin. "SKY"
  10. SkyMaster

    Forward, Mid or Aft

    I too, prefer AFT, or MID. I've not noticed excessive vibration, or noise in those cabins. Least favorite is forward, as the noise, and banging on the ships hull make for a very bad experience,,,,depending on which deck you're on.
  11. SkyMaster

    Carnival vs RCI and NCL

    I stopped sailing NCL when they went to ALL "Your Time Dining", but I realize that many folks prefer that. I won't book RCL, unless there is a GREAT deal on the price, as I feel like I'm paying for all the frills, (ie: Flo Rider, Sky thingy, etc.) that I'll NEVER use. I too, think that overall, the three lines are pretty much the same, and it's just a matter of what you're looking for in a cruise that makes the difference. I personally, prefer Carnival. "SKY"
  12. I'm diamond, and I demand a FREE CRUISE in the future, when escargot is available again. Yea,,,that's it. LOL
  13. SkyMaster

    Paradise stateroom questions

    I've sailed "Paradise" a couple of times since her recent upgrade, in inside cabins, and I'm pretty sure they had fridges. Cabins on Paradise, since the upgrade are really nice, with BIG flat screen T.V.'s. I know you'll enjoy your cruise.
  14. SkyMaster

    Talent show

    As Comiso stated, they do indeed, offer karaoke on all ships, and some ships lots more than some others. The "LipSync" thingy took the place of the "Talent Show", and in my opinion, is not lip sync at all, but a dancing show. I've attended it a couple of times, and didn't enjoy it either time. LOL I doubt that it will last very long, as I don't think Carnival has the right demographics for that type of show... "SKY"
  15. SkyMaster

    Clue...is it just a revenue promotion?

    I too, have witnessed events where the staff forgot to give out the Clue, for the "CLUE" game. IMO, it's not worth fooling around with, unless you just happened to attend the great majority of the events anyway. "SKY"