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  1. They didn’t tell us until this afternoon if we were sailing tomorrow on the Sky.
  2. I just saw that. So what does overnight in Cozumel really mean? Leave at 6 am or actually get 2 full days there?
  3. The Sky will now skip Key West as well and overnight in Cozumel. Does that mean leave at 6am or have 2 full days there?
  4. I wonder if they will add a stop in addition to Cozumel. I'd think we would have the time instead of all sea days.
  5. We are in the same sailing. Flying in Saturday morning from Houston
  6. YEP. We can drink wherever we go!
  7. thats fine with me. We leave Saturday. I wonder if we will still stop in Key West Sunday...
  8. What do you think this will do to Nassau and Freeport? We are scheduled to stop there Monday and Tuesday.
  9. We are on the Sky Saturday. Hope they send us to Cozumel as well.
  10. I’m on the Sky Saturday. I thought the Sun and Sky only went to the Bahamas and KW. Have they been known to divert to other places before?
  11. What are the chances Miami airport will shut down Saturday?
  12. Ours is already scheduled for Key West, then Freeport, Nassau, and GSC so we have 4 stops total in the line of fire.
  13. Its 5 nights Saturday-Thursday Aug 31-Sept 5
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