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  1. Hope this is better. Royal Caribbean refuses to allow me to use my cruise credits despite following all instructions exactly as they advised. I originally booked a Royal Caribbean cruise in January 2020 for a sailing date of May 11th 2020 on the Independence of the Seas. All cruises were canceled due to the global pandemic. Royal Caribbean offered consumers 2 options. Consumers could request a full refund for their canceled cruise. Or consumers could receive a 125% future cruise credit based on the original cruise amount paid rather than receiving a refund. I opted for the 125% future cruise credit. I received the future cruise credits in the form of certificate numbers via email on 4/29/2020. I received 3 cruise credit certificates each in the amount of $477.00 (one certificate for each passenger). The email from Royal Caribbean containing the credits states the following, "To redeem your future cruise credits, please contact your travel advisor or visit our website to book your new sailing and apply your credit." On 5/19/2020, I visited Royal Caribbean's website at www.RoyalCaribbean.com to book a new sailing using the future cruise credit certificates. I found a cruise similar in price to our original booking and entered the future cruise credits to be applied to the booking. During the booking process, I was instructed to enter the future cruise credit certificates to be applied to the new booking. I followed the provided instructions, entered the certificate codes, and the website showed the certificates were recognized and would be applied to the new booking. The new booking was slightly higher in price (approximately $300), so I was also instructed to enter a form of payment to cover the difference in price that was not covered by the cruise credits. I entered a personal credit card. After processing, the final confirmation page showed a total price of $1736.04. However, it also stated that an updated an invoice would be sent after the future cruise credits were applied. The confirmation page stated my future cruise credits needed to be reviewed for validity. Once reviewed and confirmed, a new invoice would be sent showing the updated total with the future cruise credits applied. I received an email confirmation showing a total $1736.04 on 5/19/2020. Within 1 minute, I also received 3 emails from Royal Caribbean showing my future cruise credits and stating the following: "Your future cruise credits were applied successfully and a new booking invoice with the reduced fare will be sent to the email address on file." I never received a new invoice and when I received my credit card statement I found that I had been charged for the full amount of $1736.04 on 5/20/2020. I contacted Royal Caribbean Customer Service via phone (800-256-6649) at 656pm MST on 6/1/2020. After speaking with a Supervisor, I was informed that my future cruise credits could not be applied to Reservation ID 541344 because I had already paid in full. I explained that I followed the instructions provided by Royal Caribbean and booked my cruise online using the future cruise certificates provided. I explained that I received a confirmation email from Royal Caribbean on 5/19/2020 confirm my cruise credits had been applied and advising me that I would receive an updated invoice with the lower fare. I was informed by a Supervisor that this was incorrect and future cruise credits cannot be applied online as stated in the email sent to consumers who chose this option. .The Supervisor stated that the cruise credits could not be applied to this booking and could only be used for future bookings. She said the only way these credits could have been used was via phone, which contradicts prior communication. She stated they will not apply the credits to the second booking and cannot make any adjustments to the fare. She said the amount overpaid must be granted in yet another fcc that I don’t want. So I’ve now paid for this 1 cruise twice with even more fcc’s on the way that I don’t want. I feel this is a predatory practice designed to trick consumers into spending more than intended. Royal Caribbean is not following the terms the provided to consumers and it appears they are attempting to capitalize on the fact that consumers were forced to cancel due to the pandemic. I’m only asking for them to allow me to use the fcc’s they provided in accordance with their instructions. But they continually refuse to assist or apply the credits as originally advised. I’m so disgusted I’m just ready to drop the whole thing and file chargebacks with my credit card company. Royal is ruining their reputation. They’re forcing consumers to spend more than they intended and I refuse to accept it.
  2. Can you stay on the ship in the same cabin with B2B cruises. If not whats the procedure?
  3. Came off the Anthem 2 weeks ago. Just booked 4 nights to Bermuda on The Joy. Great deal.
  4. I have one and am bringing it. I haven't seen any restrictions.
  5. I used them and learned the same thing but I was able to get a full refund, lesson learned.
  6. Thanks for the advice. But my question was does anyone know of any way to buy reduced gift cards like AARP use to have?
  7. I know AARP use to sell RC gift cards for a reduced price. I understand they no longer do. Does anywhere else. I'm looking for a reduced price to apply to my OBC. Any help is appreciated.
  8. "Bus stop area" that's a new one on me. Where is that located?
  9. Anyone have info on Cabin 6248 Solo obstructed balcony?
  10. The set sail pass that shows up on the app does what? Is it like the old plastic cards you used to get? Can it lock your cabin by just scanning? Buy things on the ship?
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